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Virtual reality technology might seem like a pretty obvious tool for use in entertainment, such as video games, movies, and so on. However the technology has more uses than that as we have seen in the past, such as how it can potentially help people get over their fears of public speaking.

It can also be used to treat medical conditions such as “lazy eye”, which is what a startup by the name of Vivid Vision is attempting to do. For those unfamiliar, Vivid Vision was launched several years ago and worked on tools in VR to help treat eye problems like the one we mentioned above.

The company’s CEO James Blaha himself is suffering from lazy eye and even experimented on himself using the company’s prototype to see if it works. Fast forward to today, Blaha claims that his weak eye’s vision has improved to nearly 20/20, which has also resulted in the launch of a vision therapy suite, as well around 90 clinics in the US using Vivid Vision’s VR technology to treat more than 6,000 patients who are suffering from similar problems.

The company has since managed to raise $2.2 million in seed money and there are also plans to launch a home version of the treatment system, where users will be able to administer the treatments themselves in the comfort and convenience of their own home instead of going to a clinic a couple of times a week.

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