Virtual reality is awesome and it certainly sounds like it could be how we consume a lot of media content in the future, like games, video clips, TV shows, movies, and etc. However apart from entertainment purposes, it seems that virtual reality could also help with some of the fears that people have when it comes to public speaking.

Samsung has recently launched their #BeFearless campaign and the first part of the campaign involves helping people get over their fear of public speaking. According to Samsung, “#BeFearless called for volunteers to take part in immersive, four-week, step-by-step virtual reality coaching programs to overcome their fears. Equipped with the Samsung Gear VR, they found themselves in a range of potentially daunting scenarios, made even more real with lifelike audio.”

The scenarios will consist of three public situations, like one in a school setting, an office setting, and a business meeting. Basically the idea here is that by simulating a huge audience, it will give users the chance to experience what it would be like to give a public speech/toast/presentation, and from the safety and comfort of their own home, which hopefully will then give them the confidence to actually do it in real life.

So far participants who have taken part in the program have claimed that it has done them a world of good. This is just part one of Samsung’s #BeFearless campaign, but what do you guys think of it? What kind of other fears do you think virtual reality could help people get over?

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