It is probably safe to assume that in the future, our homes will be equipped with smarter appliances that can communicate with each other, and can also be remotely controlled by our mobile devices. We’re starting to see this with light bulbs, fans, door locks, and so on, but if you’re still a little confused, not to worry as Apple has you covered.

It seems that Apple has recently added a new HomeKit section to its retail stores where users can walk in and check out the various connected devices to get a better idea of what to expect. Note that these are HomeKit-connected devices meaning that it probably isn’t the full range of smart appliances available in the market today, but it should give you an idea of what to expect, especially if you’re an Apple user and you’re looking to see what the HomeKit ecosystem has to offer.

There will be devices that users can interact with and control, where users can choose between using an Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad to control them. This is a pretty smart move by Apple as there are probably still plenty of users out there who are clueless as to what HomeKit is about and what kind of devices will work with it.

Unfortunately it isn’t available in every Apple Store and that for now only 46 stores around the world are furnished that way, however we guess it is possible that more stores will install this experience in the future, but it could be worth checking out if you live near one of them.

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