Apple’s Wallet app lets you store things like membership cards, boarding passes, and more. However, with iOS 15, Apple has started to allow it to store digital keys as well which you can use with hotels that support the feature.

However, if you aren’t planning on staying at a hotel anytime soon but want the convenience of a digital key, then Schlage might have something for you. According to a report from HomeKit Authority, they have discovered filings with the FCC and a listing on HomeDepot’s website (which has since been removed) that hint at an upcoming Schlage smart lock that will support digital keys for Apple Home.

The device, according to the listing on HomeDepot, will apparently be known as the Schlage Encode Plus. Assuming the listing is accurate, this could be the first HomeKit compatible smart lock available to consumers that will support Apple Home Key. While HomeKit enabled smart locks aren’t new, support for Home Key is.

Based on the image, there will be multiple options for the user to unlock their door. There is the standard method using a physical key. There is also a numpad that lets you enter a passcode, and also support for digital keys. The implementation of digital keys is useful because it means you can give someone access to your home even when you’re away.

There is no word on when the smart lock will be launched, but with CES 2022 coming up soon, perhaps we’ll learn more about it then.

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