Articles about Connected Objects

Arlo Launches New Subscription Plans
Some of you might be familiar with Arlo and their home security camera and video doorbell kits. As Arlo’s products are HomeKit compatible, this means that users can expect certain things in terms of viewing videos, storing them, and more. However, in case HomeKit isn’t enough for your needs, Arlo has announced new subscription plans.

Ring Expands Its End-To-End Encryption For Video To International Users
Ring’s video doorbell captures video footage of people who come up to your door and ring the doorbell. This footage is usually meant to be seen by only you, the owner or the resident of the home, but if a hacker wanted to, in theory they could intercept or maybe even steal footage, but that’s where encryption comes in.

HomePod Beta Software Is Causing Some Devices To Overheat
There is a reason why beta software is in beta. This is because the software isn’t ready for primetime yet and there could still be bugs in there that have yet to be ironed out or even discovered. This is why generally speaking, they shouldn’t be used as a daily driver, although in this case thankfully some people took the HomePod’s beta software for a spin.

New, Brighter Philips Hue Bulbs Expected In September
The Philips Hue series of smart bulbs are pretty cool and are a great way to help make your home smart. However, if you felt that maybe the bulbs the company offers is a bit too dim for your liking compared to more  traditional bulbs, you’re in luck because that could change this September.


Alexa Can Now Read Stories With Your Kids
Amazon’s Alexa is a great digital assistant that can help you do things like set reminders, alarms, and all that jazz, but now it seems that it can even take over some of your parental duties by reading with your kids and helping them with things like their accuracy or pronunciation of certain words.

How To Opt Out Of Amazon Sidewalk
Amazon’s Sidewalk feature basically wants to share your internet with your neighbors. There are good intentions behind the reasoning of the feature, but it also feels like an invasion of one’s privacy, and here’s what you need to do to opt out of it.

Verizon Could Be Developing Its Own Alexa Smart Display
Carriers usually sell devices made by other companies, but from time to time and as we have seen in the past, they do make their own products. In fact, it seems that Verizon could be making something of their own, according to a report from Protocol who spotted an FCC filing last week.

Texas Power Companies Have Been Remotely Raising Temperatures In People’s Homes
The joy of owning a smart home device is that you get to control it remotely, which is pretty cool. However, over in Texas, it seems that owning a smart thermostat also means that there is a good chance your power company could remotely control it and adjust the temperature without your knowledge.

IKEA’s Symfonisk Picture Frame Speakers Are Launching July 15
Do you feel that some of your tech gadgets stand out a bit too much in your home? Are you finding that you have to compromise on the design or space you want to make room for certain gadgets? If you are, then maybe you might be interested in IKEA’s new Symfonisk speakers which double up as a picture frame.

Level Home Introduces Their Smallest Ever Smart Lock
The thing with some smart lock designs is that they’re obvious that they’re a smart lock. This is because the design of some of these locks have huge front-facing panels that house technology like fingerprint sensors and number pads to enter your passcode on. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but for some, it might be too obvious for their liking.

Nanoleaf’s New Elements LED Panels Are Designed To Look Less Obvious
Nanoleaf is best known for their wall LED panels that can be individually controlled and rearranged to form shapes and patterns. However, when not in use, they can look a bit out of place as they are essentially translucent pieces of plastic stuck onto your wall, but the company wants to change that.

Law Enforcement Will Now Need To Publicly Request Access To Ring Doorbell Videos
One of the criticisms faced by Amazon’s Ring isn’t so much that the product or system doesn’t work, but rather the invasion of privacy felt by some when the company allowed law enforcement agencies in the country to tap into the Neighbors app. The idea on paper is that this is meant to improve security and safety, but many feel like it’s a violation of their privacy.

Apple Job Listing Mentions ‘homeOS’
Apple’s HomePod, for those unfamiliar, is powered by tvOS, the same operating system that powers the Apple TV. However, could Apple be thinking about giving the HomePod its own platform? According to a job listing spotted by developer Javier Lacort, that could very well be the case.

HomePod And Apple TV Combo Reportedly In Early Development
At Apple’s Spring Loaded event in April, the company announced a new Apple TV. Sure, it had improvements under the hood and there was also a brand new Siri remote control, but otherwise it wasn’t a particularly significant or groundbreaking update to the Apple TV lineup, but there could be a reason why.

Google’s Nest Products Will Be Part Of Matter
There are a bunch of tech companies who have been making their own smart home products. The problem with those products is compatibility, where you can’t always mix and match if you’re hoping to create a cohesive system. This is why it was kind of a big deal when Google, Apple, and Amazon announced Matter, a new smart home alliance.

Amazon’s New Echo Show 8 Has A Camera That Tracks You Around A Room
If you’re in the market for a new smart display, you’re in luck because Amazon has recently announced an update to its Echo Show 8 smart display. With the new update, the smart display will come with a 13MP wide-angle camera that has the ability to track you around the room, meaning that you can walk around and have a conversation instead of sitting in front of it.

Google, Apple, Amazon Team Up For ‘Matter’ Smart Home Alliance
Google, Apple, and Amazon all have their own smart home platforms. This can be confusing and also a bit annoying because certain products might support Google but not Apple, and vice versa, so trying to piece together your “perfect” smart home will be a headache. However, that could change in the future.

Google Wants To Put Nest Hubs Into Hotel Rooms
If you’ve ever been to a hotel in the past few years, you might have noticed how some hotels have been upgraded to become “smarter”. This can come in the form of features like tablets, where guests can use the tablet to control various appliances like the lights, play music, set an alarm, control the curtains, and more.

Future HomePod Could Feature A Robotic Arm That Can Hold An iPad
Apple’s HomePod has seen mixed success. The original model was kind of a flop and was eventually discontinued, but the smaller model, the HomePod mini, seems to be faring much better. That being said, a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that there could be a new model in the works that honestly sounds very futuristic.

Ring Unveils New Floodlight Cam Wired Pro Security Camera
Are you looking for a new outdoor security camera to protect your home while you’re away? If you are, then you might be interested to learn that Ring has announced their latest security camera in the form of the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro. It is quite a mouthful but if anything, it is a pretty accurate description of the camera.