iDevices Now Features IFTTT Integration

If the idea of automating certain aspects of your home sounds appealing to you, then you will be pleased to learn that iDevices has announced that they have integrated their products with IFTTT. For those unfamiliar, IFTTT is an automation tool on mobile devices that triggers certain actions when the criteria is met.

iHome Unveils Alexa-Enabled Mirror & Bedside Clock

If you’re looking to add more smart home devices to your home, then you might be interested to learn that iHome has unveiled two new smart gadgets that are powered by Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant. This comes in the form of a vanity mirror that you can place on the table, and a bedside clock.

IKEA’s Smart Plugs Now Available In The US & UK

Back in August it was reported that IKEA could be considering launching smart plugs. The premise for such devices is pretty straightforward, where you could plug in a regular household device and you will be able to control it through the smart plug, which would be accessible via mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet.

Arlo Ultra Security Camera Announced

If you’re looking to beef up security at your home, you might be interested to learn that Netgear has recently announced its latest security camera, the Arlo Ultra. The company is no stranger to such devices, but one of the benefits of the Arlo Ultra is that it can record in 4K.


McAfee Predicts More Malware Will Target Smart Homes In 2019

The conveniences offered up by smart home devices like smart bulbs, thermostats, locks, and more are too good to pass up. After all who wouldn’t relish the idea of a home adapting to our needs, our lights turning on automatically when needed, temperatures adjusted dynamically to offer the most comfort, and fridges that reminds us and even help us order food when we’re out.

Xiaomi & IKEA Partner Up For More Smart Home Devices

For those living outside of Asia, you might be familiar with Xiaomi more as a phone brand, but the company does sell quite a lot of non-mobile devices. In fact the company actually has quite a few internet of things devices, like smart bulbs and the likes. Now it looks like the company is hoping to expand its portfolio by announcing a partnership with IKEA.

Alexa Can Soon Be Used To Turn On Devices In Low-Power Mode

Amazon’s Alexa can already do certain tasks by itself, but at the same time it acts as a medium between other smart/connected devices as well where users can use Alexa to turn said devices on/off. However what if a device is in low-power mode and you want to wake it up using Alexa? The good news is that Amazon has a solution for that.

Amazon Echo Buttons Can Now Perform Entire Routines

Late last year Amazon launched the Echo Button. This is a button that would work with Alexa-based games, where users could use it as a trigger to respond to games. It seemed very much like a novelty and didn’t really have much use beyond gaming, but now it looks like Amazon has decided to make it a bit more powerful.

IKEA’s Smart Blinds Could Cost Around $113

IKEA has been expanding their lineup, and while the company is known for their affordable furniture, they have expanded their catalogue to include devices like smart light bulbs, smart speakers, and have also worked with Apple to dabble in the use of augmented reality to help market their furnitures.

C By GE Bulbs Starter Kit Will Now Include The Google Home Mini

These days smart speakers and smart home devices such as smart bulbs seem to go hand in hand. However setting up the entire thing can prove to be an expensive process, but if you don’t mind using GE’s own smart solution, their C by GE bulbs, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the starter kit will actually come with a Google Home Mini bundled with it.

The Google Home Hub Has Been Officially Launched

It has been rumored for a while now that Google is planning on launching its own smart speaker + display combo also known as the Google Home Hub. In fact earlier today Google seemed to have accidentally confirmed its existence and for those who want more details, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Home Hub is now official.

Google Accidentally Confirms ‘Google Home Hub’

When it comes to smart home speakers with built-in displays, Amazon’s Echo Show was kind of the first to the market, and later it was sort of followed by Google with devices like the JBL Link View which offered Google Assistant in a speaker + screen combo. Now we have heard rumors and seen renders of a Google-made device called the Google Home Hub, and now it looks like it […]

Google Assistant Now Supports More Than 10,000 Smart Home Devices

In the early days of the smartphone where it was more than just iOS and Android, companies struggled to get their platforms noticed by developers. While there was nothing wrong with those platforms, the lack of support from developers saw users stick to more popular platforms like iOS or Android.

Yale To Start Selling Locks With August’s Auto-Unlock Tech

For those looking to equip their homes with smart locks, then August is a company that you might have heard of. What the company is known for is an auto-unlock module that can sit on top of existing locks, meaning that you don’t need to know how to replace a lock on a door in order to install it.