Nanoleaf is best known for their wall LED panels that can be individually controlled and rearranged to form shapes and patterns. However, when not in use, they can look a bit out of place as they are essentially translucent pieces of plastic stuck onto your wall, but the company wants to change that.

Nanoleaf has since announced their latest range in the form of Nanoleaf Elements. These new tiles are designed to look like pieces of wood when they are not in use. This means that they can be placed anywhere in your home and they could look like pieces of art when they are turned off, making them look less obvious and less out of place.

Unfortunately, it seems that some compromises have to be made if you choose to use these panels. This is because unlike Nanoleaf’s other LED panels, the Elements lineup do not offer an entire color spectrum, but instead only allow users to choose between warm to cool white, but if those are the colors you generally prefer then we suppose it won’t be an issue.

They will share similar functionality as the other LED panels like touch-sensitivity as well as being able to be synced with music. They will also support the automatic changing of their temperature throughout the day based on the circadian rhythm. They are also HomeKit compatible so you can use it with Apple’s iPhones and iPads. The Elements Smarter Kit will be priced at $300 and add-on packs containing three additional panels will be sold at $100 each.

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