Lucid Motors’ Electric Car Price Confirmed

Lucid Motors, a car company based in California, unveiled its Lucid Air all-electric car back in December last year. There has been a lot of speculation about the price of this car and now the company has officially confirmed how much it’s going to cost. Even though the car isn’t going to be shipped until 2019, the company has now started taking a $2,500 refundable reservation deposit from customers who want to pick up this car.

Lucid Motors has confirmed today that the Lucid Air, its 400 horsepower rear wheel drive all-electric sedan with a range of 240 miles, is going to cost $60,000. That’s considerably cheaper than the estimates that have been floated online with some suggesting that it may be priced similarly to Tesla’s electric cars which can easily cross $100,000.

The company says that this $60,000 car is going to have all of the hardware that’s required for autonomous driving but doesn’t mention whether customers will have to pay more to activate the system. The car will also feature power seats, a 10 speaker in-car audio system, three touchscreen displays, and 19 inch wheels.

Moreover, this $60,000 price doesn’t include any electric car tax credits awarded by the federal and state government. Once those are applied, the Lucid Air would end up costing most customers around $53,000.

Lucid Motors will also sell several options which include the 315 and 400 mile range versions but they will obviously cost more than this.

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