Enyoii electric concept car

Designer Gerardo Delgado Martinez knows that the young who have just received their driving license would love nothing better than to take the car out for a spin. Of course, while they might have to ride in an old jalopy, a new, sporty car is always much more desirable. The Enyoii electric concept car is Gerardo’s design, where it will target young folks who enjoy driving while incorporating elements of nature along the way. This is an open-air car, so you can’t really smooch your date in full privacy. Good thing it will win you brownie points with your future in-laws if they are into saving the environment, as it is powered by a powerful battery pack which is juiced up by a dynamo system. The batteries will deliver power to two electric motors that are attached with the two rear wheels. As for the Enyoii’s body, it will be made from hard plastics, with metal seeing action for the chassis and other structural elements. To make things more interesting, the car can be designed to take any shape that the driver wants. It relies on a touchpad to control every movement of the car via Wi-Fi.

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