Kanex iAdapt C30 Review (Dual DVI Adapter for Mac)

Many if not all recent Mac or Macbook computers have the ability to drive a 30″ display to its maximum 2560×1600 resolution. However, the plain vanilla DisplayPort to DVI adapter won’t let you do that. Instead you have to buy Apple’s $99 adapter that uses USB to bring extra juice and a Dual-DVI port to handle the extra bandwidth. I’ve never tried Apple’s version, but if you’re looking for an alternative supplier, I got my hands on the Kanex iAdapt C30 and I tested it with my Dell 3007WFP 30″ monitor and a Macbook Pro 13” 2009. The combination worked perfectly and there was no issues at all: the image was pristine as I would expect from a digital source. The Kanex C30 seems to work exactly like the Apple adapter is supposed to (I didread bad things about it), so it’s a drop-in replacement. Actually, even the $99 price is the same – I wish that Kanex would have given a financial incentive to buy its product, but at this point this is not the case.

Kanex C30 Dual DVI Adapter
This is how the iAdapt C30 works

Kanex iAdapt C30 Review (Dual DVI Adapter for Mac)
iAdapt C30 in action with a Macbook Pro 13” 2009 and a Dell 3007WFP

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