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Bored of not having any bike lanes to cycle around, Czech Republic-based artists, Vladimir Turner and Ondřej Mladý decided to take things into their own hands – by creating their own bike lanes. One of them hooked up a pico projector onto his bicycle to beam his own road lines on the ground for him to cycle on. He then attached a camera to his helmet and his companion used a second camera to film an artsy video.

The video shot was called “Road Safety” and ironically it doesn’t look very safe at all. Granted, it is a creative way to make use of a pico projector, but it didn’t change the fact that cycling in the middle of the streets was. While it is true that lines on the road are meant to keep vehicles in their own lanes, it doesn’t really help in this case, when the lines of the road are moving along with the bike. I’m surprised nobody was harmed in the creation of the film! Hit the break to watch it for yourself:

Povinná výbava / Safety first video excerpt from sgnlr on Vimeo.

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