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Harley-Davidson Publicly Unveiled Its Electric Bicycles At A Motorcycle Show
Harley-Davidson is known for its premium motorcycles. Interestingly, it looks like they also want to get into the electric bicycle scene.They publicly revealed their electric bicycles at EICMA 2019 Motorcycle show, as spotted by to this, we only had an idea of it through renders and concept photos – but this is the real deal.There were three variants of electric bicycle showcased and all of them were pretty neat. […]

LeEco Smart Mountain Bike and Smart Road Bike
We saw LeEco “Super Bike for the Future” last generation at an event in October in San Francisco, where the company’s CRO North America, Danny Bowman unveiled simultaneously a Smartphone (LeEco pro 3), a VR Headset,  a TV, a Smart Bike and a car (LeSee).

Revolights Eclipse Turns Your Bike’s Wheels Into Turn Signals
While cycling your way around the city is a cheap and environmentally-friendly solution, it is also dangerous. As if motorbikes don’t get enough respect on the road by drivers, it is safe to say that cyclists get even less. Not to mention if you plan on driving at night, it could be even more dangerous as motorists might not be able to spot you.Enter the Revolights Eclipse. These are basically […]

Livall Bike Helmet Lights Up, Acts As A Walkie Talkie
If you’re a cyclist, you should always be wearing safety gear because let’s face it, falling off your bike versus having the back of your wheels clipped by a careless driver are two very different kinds of accidents. This is where the Livall bike helmet comes into play. Developed by a Chinese company, this helmet will not only light up but act as a walkie talkie at the same time.The […]


Rental Bicycles Are Fully Powered By Renewable Energy Sources
We all know that the earth has a shelf life – which is why it is pretty important to ensure that our future generations will have a place that they can call their own – and we should, by right, leave the earth as a better place for our descendants to live in, rather than to let them clear up our mess. Having said that, renewable energy has been rather […]

McLaren Tarmac Bicycle Costs A Bomb
I know that cycling can be a very healthy past time, but for the more serious people who would want nothing but the very best, they will definitely be more than willing to fork out the necessary amount of money in order to pick up something that will give them an edge, no matter how slight or perceived, over the “competition”. If you have 20 grand to spare, then the […]

Trefecta DRT Bike Is Truly Unique
It is not everyday that one comes across a ride like this, and I am referring to the Trefecta DRT bike which will boast of a military-spec aluminum frame that would certainly blur the line between that of a motorcycle and a bicycle. After all, the whole point ot this folding super e-bike would be to “create the game, not change it.”

Cardboard Bicycle Now A Reality
It was close to three years ago when we talked about how a bicycle that is made out of cardboard could very well change the way we travel – especially in countries where the people are so poor, they survive on just $1 a day, which means even getting a normal bicycle would remain out of reach for them. Israeli cycling enthusiast Izhar Gafni is the one behind this cardboard […]

Connected Cycle Pedal To Combat Stolen Bicycle Plague
[CES 2015] Getting around on a bicycle is definitely something that is worth looking into, especially if you happen to be one who is an advocate for a clean environment and all that jazz. Having said that, here is something that you might want to check out – the Connected Cycle pedal that will hopefully be able to help reduce the incidences of bike thievery, assuming it is an issue […]

Intelligent Bicycle Launched In The Netherlands
When it comes to the world of bicycles, there are simply way too many models out there that will cater to every budget as well as need – so much so that making an informed decision could prove to be difficult, especially when one is fickle minded. Well, since we are into a world of smart-everything, why not apply the same principle to that of bicycles as well? The Netherlands […]

Goldgenie Sells £250,000 Bicycle
The folks over at Goldgenie (who have introduced luxurious smartphones before) have certainly outdone themselves this time around, with a bicycle that sells for more than what a Ferrari would cost. Just how much would this particular bicycle from Goldgenie burn in your bank account? We are looking at a whopping £250,000. Taking into consideration how the world’s gold price has fallen in recent months, who knows how much it […]

Impossible Bicycle Lives Up To Its Name
They say that it would be extremely foolish to reinvent the wheel, which more or less makes sense. After all, why tinker around with something that has served mankind so well for thousands of years? Having said that, the humble two-wheeled mode of transportation known as the fold-up bicycle is one particular niche market that seems to be stuck in the past, which is why the good people over at […]

Glowing Smart Cycle Lanes Could Debut In The UK
The Netherlands has a “smart highway” that boasts of glow-in-the-dark road markings, and this particular idea has been pitched to folks living in the U.K. as a potential improvement so that cyclists themselves will be able to enjoy a safer environment whenever their rubber hits the road. This smart highway will utilize a special kind of green paint that will charge up during the day as long as the sun […]

Falco Fusion Sports Drive Rugged Electric Bike Conversion Kit
Just what is the Falco Fusion Sports Drive all about? This is basically a rugged electric bicycle conversion kit, which is steady and robust enough to deliver an enjoyable offroad cycling experience, all the while boasting of a special feature that will let your heart rate control the amount of assistance that is being pumped out by the motor, now how cool or smart is that?

Yerka Project Could Deliver “Unstealable” Bicycle
Bicycles are dime a dozen, and these days, there seems to be more and more electric-powered bicycles in the market that will help you tackle those uphill bits, while letting you pedal to your heart’s content on flat ground as well as when you take a ride downhill. However, some of the more expensive bicycles out there could end up to be a target for thieves, and this is where […]

Intelligent Blinker Increases Your Visibility
Being a cyclist is certainly good for the environment, but there are moments when you would wish that the other motorists who share the very same road with you would be able to be more considerate of your presence, as they sometimes drive as though you were not there in the first place. To increase your visibility, PhD students from Electronics Laboratoryat EPFL have come up with the Intelligent Blinker, […]

LEDs Inform Riders Of Optimal Speed To Green Light On Bicycle Highway In Denmark
So, you have decided to go green by getting around on a pair of wheels, with you spending more time with your bicycle than in your car? That is great, but just to make sure that your cycling adventures are “optimized” even further, there is this particular LED signboard located in Copenhagen, Denmark, that will inform a cyclist to ride at a certain speed in order to get to the […]

IKEA Now Offers FOLKVÄNLIG Electric Bicycle
When it comes to flat packed items as well as going green, you cannot get any more larger scale than the folks over at IKEA themselves. For sure it is not one of the most perfect companies out there,but they so happen to be ahead of other large corporations that do not sell just green products as part of their portfolio. In fact, IKEA has plans to obtain 100% of […]

Daymak’s The Beast Solar-Powered E-Bike
Daymak did dive into the world of a greener and more powerful bicycle in the past with their Shadow Ebike three years back, where that particular ride could actually charge up power hungry devices on the go. Well, this time around, Daymak is concentrating on something totally different – calling it The Beast, which is also the nickname for the ride that the President of the United States of America […]

Valour Smart Bicycle Has Your Safety In Mind
We have smart cars, smartphones, smart houses, and smart glasses, hence it is not surprising to hear about smart bicycles being part of the deal in this day and age. The thing is, a smart bicycle is still quite rare, where such a connected bike without any trace of an electric motor is not that easy to come by, but the Valour from Vanhawks makes a strong case for its […]