While cycling your way around the city is a cheap and environmentally-friendly solution, it is also dangerous. As if motorbikes don’t get enough respect on the road by drivers, it is safe to say that cyclists get even less. Not to mention if you plan on driving at night, it could be even more dangerous as motorists might not be able to spot you.

Enter the Revolights Eclipse. These are basically lights that you attach to the wheels of your bicycle which will not only light you up at night, but it will also give your bike turn signals so that cars and other vehicles will know where you are planning to turn, thus preventing any untoward accidents.

The lights will feature a removable battery, meaning that charging it is as easy as popping the battery out as opposed to fiddling with tools and cables. The lights will also work in conjunction with your smartphone, thus being able to detect how far you’ve ridden and other kinds of data. It can also detect your speed and will begin flashing in the rear wheels when you’re slowing down, thus giving a heads up to drivers behind you.

Users can also program when they want the lights to turn on. For example if typically leave work or school at night, you can program the lights to turn on then when you approach your bike, thus ensuring that you won’t forget about it. The Revolights Eclipse is currently on Indiegogo trying to raise funds. It has since exceeded its original goal of $26,000 but if you’d still like to pledge your support, you can by heading on over to its Indiegogo page.

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