If you’re a cyclist, you should always be wearing safety gear because let’s face it, falling off your bike versus having the back of your wheels clipped by a careless driver are two very different kinds of accidents. This is where the Livall bike helmet comes into play. Developed by a Chinese company, this helmet will not only light up but act as a walkie talkie at the same time.

The helmet will come with a set of LED lights on the top and on the back. This not only serves to indicate the fact that you’re there, especially important to unobservant drivers at night, but it can also act as indicators to tell drivers where you will be turning. These lights can be remotely controlled thanks to a Bluetooth controller that can be mounted on your handlebars.

The helmet itself will also come integrated with speakers and a microphone, thus allowing you to pipe music through the helmet while you’re riding, or doubling up as a speakerphone so that you can answer calls easily. It works especially well if you’re planning on organizing a group cycling session where through the accompanying app, users can use the helmet as a walkie talkie to stay in communication with each other.

Unfortunately at the moment Livall is not available for purchase as it is an Indiegogo project seeking funding, so if you’d like to help its creators make the helmet a reality, then head on over to its Indiegogo page for the details.

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