rental-bicycleWe all know that the earth has a shelf life – which is why it is pretty important to ensure that our future generations will have a place that they can call their own – and we should, by right, leave the earth as a better place for our descendants to live in, rather than to let them clear up our mess. Having said that, renewable energy has been rather big in recent times, and hence it is not surprising to hear of rental bicycles being 100% powered by renewable energy.

Basically, these power-assisted bicycles happen to work alongside a charging system that incorporates the “automatic storage battery charging system” that was developed by Kawasaki Trading. Conventional power-assisted bicycle sharing systems will see riders remove detachable storage batteries and place them on the chargers, but the non-contact-type charging systems used here will be able to juice up whatever storage batteries used without having to remove them from bicycles in the first place – which is an added level of convenience. I suppose the next level of evolution for such a system would be to consider a non-contact system when it comes to charging, but it would most probably cost a fair bit – hopefully in due time, the total cost will drop. A fully charged battery on one of these bicycles ought to be able to bring you around on a 30km journey before running out of juice.

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