Harley-Davidson is known for its premium motorcycles. Interestingly, it looks like they also want to get into the electric bicycle scene.

They publicly revealed their electric bicycles at EICMA 2019 Motorcycle show, as spotted by Eelectrek.co.

Prior to this, we only had an idea of it through renders and concept photos – but this is the real deal.

There were three variants of electric bicycle showcased and all of them were pretty neat. You can go through the gallery of images taken by Electrek on their post.

Image Credits: Electrek.co

However, it is worth noting that the bicycles showcased at the motorcycle show were the prototype models. So, the production models might look different from this.

The basic specifications involve hydraulic disc brakes, LED light, a removable battery unit, and an automatic shifting transmission for the gears.

Of course, there could be a lot of things planned for the production release, but we are not there yet.

There’s no official information on what it will cost you and the details of the battery capacity. But, from the looks of it, you should not expect it to be an affordable electric bicycle.

It should end up as a premium electric bicycle to start with and might offer affordable variants later. We can’t be too sure. You can keep an eye on their official website for the latest updates on the e-bicycles.

What do you think about Harley-Davidson’s electric bicycles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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