The nice thing about MacBooks would be the multitouch trackpad, which pretty much functions like how the touch screen on the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad does. It incorporates various multitouch gestures, such as swiping and pinching. As cool as the concept is, one bad thing about it is that it’s limited to what Apple allows you do to do, which is where MagicPrefs comes in.


MagicPrefs is basically a piece of software that allows the user to assign different actions to the multitouch gestures, something which could not be done before. If you’ve ever owned a gaming mouse with multiple buttons, like the Razer Naga, the assignment of different actions should not be one that is unfamiliar to you. The software even allows for the use of up to five fingers. Presets can also be set and saved, so when you’re using different applications, you will be able to load up the different presets according to what program you’re running. For example you could choose to use a different setof gestures for doing work in Photoshop, and a different set while you’re gaming.

The best part is that the software is free, so MacBook users, if you’d like to have more control and give yourself more options with your multitouch trackpad, just head on down to MagicPref’s website to download.

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