Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” update is expected to make its debut some time later this year, presumably around the same time that Mango was launched back in 2011, and heralding the new update will be Nokia with the Prodigy and AC/DC Windows Phone 8 devices that will be headed AT&T’s way, or so the rumors are claiming.

According to sources that are supposedly close to the company’s plans, Nokia will be launching these two phones on AT&T’s network later this year, with the Prodigy being one of the “superphones” for Windows Phone 8, while AC/DC will be a mid-ranged device. Naturally at this point in time, little to nothing are known about the rumored devices, apart from how they will supposedly be running on Windows Phone 8.

Based on what we do know about Windows Phone 8 Apollo, the update is expected to remove some of the limitations that came with the Mango update, and supposedly will see the introduction of dual-core processors amongst other features. In the mean time we suggest taking this with a grain of salt for now until more details are uncovered.

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