This is not really the first time for us to talk about couches. First there was the Sound Sofa which can double up as an iOS speaker dock. Then there’s the Sega Master System Sofa that’s perfect for video game fanatics, although it did not have any electronics on it. Today, we’re adding another interesting sofa to the lineup. We’d like to introduce the Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa that features an iPod dock and a built-in speaker system.


The iPod dock is located at one end of the arm rest while the built-in subwoofer is located at the other side of seat. Like all music docks, the device charges as you have your iPod plugged in and it can also support USB and Bluetooth. You can also use an SD card to play all your favorite songs on the dock. The Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa comes in seven color combinations and three foot colors. Digital Trends even claims that you can request a custom color to the manufacturer in case you have another color preference.

While the Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa is probably ideal for the weekend, where you’ll get your well deserve rest, the price isn’t cheap. The Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa will cost you £699 or approximately $1,094. It’s reportedly on sale until July, so the price could double by then. So, if you have the money, you might want to have this sofa on your house. Personally, I’d rather buy a Samsung Galaxy S3. Just saying.

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