If you are an avid video game fan, then you would surely love to decorate the rest of your home along the general theme of video games, too. Collecting video games can also prove to be a rather expensive hobby, but here is one way for you to show guests your great love for video games without breaking the bank – in the form of the Sega Master System Sofa. Now, the Sega Master System is Sega’s answer to Nintendo’s NES, although the Master System failed to have that kind of impact as with the NES. That does not mean it is not worthy to have its image “borrowed” to turn an ordinary looking sofa into the perfect piece of furniture for you to lounge around while playing the latest video games.

What you see above is not available for purchase anywhere though, as it is the creation of French video game blogger Subby-kun and his wife Subbinette. Gotta love the way the pillows were specially made to resemble controllers, complete with raised buttons and all. The Sega Master System is dead, long live the Sega Master System!

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