Have you ever wished that your sofa could double up as an iOS speaker dock? While that might seem like an odd wish, CSL Sofas might have just the product you are looking for. Introducing the Sound Sofa, which as the name implies is a sofa that features a set of built-in speakers along with a dock on which you can attach an iPhone/iPod device. Customers will be able to customize the seating arrangement of the sofa according to their needs, adding or subtracting seats and will range from £949 to £1299.

As far as the speaker dock is concerned, it will feature compatible with iPhone or iPod devices, along with a USB port, an SD card slot, Bluetooth and 2.1 stereo sound. While we can’t speak for the quality of the sound produced by the Sound Sofa, it certainly looks like a convenient way for users to dock their iOS devices to charge while blasting music all from one location. If you’d like to find out more details about the Sound Sofa or to place an order, head on over to CSL Sofas’ website for the details.

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