A while back we reported on a Kickstarter project dubbed Chameleon. For those who might have missed our coverage, Chameleon is basically a Kickstarter project for an Android UI for tablets. One of its features included the ability to switch home screens depending on the time of the day and also where you are based on your location and WiFi networks. It seems that Google might have thought of something similar thanks to a recently discovered patent. Filed back in 2011, this particular patent describes how an Android smartphone will be able to change your phone’s settings and perform certain actions based on your location.

It will use GPS and network information to determine your location, so for example it could launch your media player and gym playlist when it detects that you’re at the gym, or turn on WiFi when it notices that you are home and turn off emails. The possibilities are endless! No word on when Google will be implementing such a feature but what do you guys think? Does this sound like a good idea or do you think that it might border on invasion of privacy?

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