We’re not sure what is the Internet’s obsession with getting a Death Star built as they petitioned for the U.S. government to build it, only to be met with rejection weeks later. You would think that would be the end of the story and Star Wars nerds around the world would return to their forums to choice to complain about The Phantom Menace for the millionth time. But it turns out it didn’t end there as a Kickstarter project has been started to help build a Death Star.

The Kickstarter Open Source Death Star campaign has a $30 million dollar funding goal, which will be used to help create “more detailed plans” than the current design team has come up with as well as purchasing “enough chicken wire to protect reactor exhaust ports.” The project also mentions a Stretch Goal of $850 quintillion dollars would be needed in order to use the funded plans to actually build a full-scale Death Star.

We found it especially curious the location of the Kickstarter campaign is in London, England. Any Star Wars fan worth their salt knows that, for some reason, the majority of the military personnel on the Death Star had British accents. This leaves us to believe this Kickstarter campaign is the real deal and we’ll soon witness the birth of the Death Star!

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