If you’re an iPhone user and you use the Google Chrome browser as your main browser on your iPhone, chances are you get a bit frustrated at times when links within apps or messages are automatically opened in Safari instead. Granted it’s not that big of deal, but we guess it would be akin to clicking a link within your desktop browser and having it being opened in another browser. This stems from iOS’ inability to set a default browser. Well it looks like Google is hoping to change thatchrome-ios by helping third-party iOS app developers to create their apps that will allow links to be opened in Chrome instead of Safari.

This follows the iOS update to Gmail in which there is an option that allows the user to select if they wish links to be opened within Chrome, and not Safari. Of course this really depends on developers getting behind this method, and if there are that many iOS users who care that much about it in the first place, but as a Chrome user on iOS, this would be a welcome update I would love to see my apps get on board with! What say you?

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