Earlier today , we reported on a story where rumor has it, sales from used game purchases will be profiting both Microsoft and the game’s publisher. Retailers were recently briefed by Microsoft to help educate how exactly this would work as it was believed customers would be the ones footing the bill when they purchase a used game from a retailer. That is sort of true, according to a new claim published by Eurogamer.

According to Eurogamer, who is sourcing a “high-ranking UK industry source,” said customers won’t be footing the bill when it comes to paying an activation fee for used Xbox One games. Instead, the retailer will be responsible, which will then influence the price they sell their used games, thus having the customer free of any charges outside of their transition with the retailer.

The source claims the reason for all of the recent confusion over used games on the Xbox One was due to Microsoft not deciding just how much the activation fee would cost for used games. £35, or $52, seems a bit of a high activation fee, but on the other hand, what if a customer decides to buy a game from their friend? Would the friend then have to inflate their price due to Microsoft’s activation fees or will the new owner of the used game be forced to pay the fee out of their pocket.

Once again – there seems to be way more questions than answers when it comes to the used game topic in regards to the Xbox One. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to clarify what exactly will happen during this year’s E3 as I have a splitting headache trying to make sense of any of this.

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