Angry Birds Updated To Include New Levels, Powers, Traveling Pigs

We know there are some of you who absolutely still cannot get enough of Rovio’s Angry Birds. You probably have multiple mobile devices, computers and video game consoles that have a version of Angry Birds ready for you to fling to your heart’s content. But if you’re a true Angry Birds fan, you probably still play the original game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, which is a good thing since Rovio has just released some new levels for the game.

Rovio announced a total of 15 new levels has been added to the original Angry Birds game which introduces some new powers for the standard red bird while also introducing some moving pigs. We’re sure the moving pigs will either test your skills as a true Angry Bird player or frustrate you to the point where you finally move on from your obsession. The moving pigs will be traveling in 73 different “crazy” pig contraptions, which if you’ve played Bad Piggies, you’ll know exactly what kind of contraptions those pigs can come up with.

The new update is available for the iOS and Android versions of Angry Birds with no word as to when other platforms can expect their update.

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