chrome-managed-userIf you’re a parent and you were hoping that Google’s Chrome browser for the computer would offer up a bit more features in terms of parental control, your wish could be granted because according to the latest Chrome developer build, it has been spotted that there are aspects of the feature that have already made their way into the browser, although they are not fully working yet. Basically through this feature, Chrome users will be able to set up multiple accounts on a single computer, none of which needs to be connected to a Google profile.


Similar to a Chrome browser tied to a Google profile, each of the accounts will have their own bookmarks and histories depending on its user, with some accounts that can be set up to oversee other accounts and choose what sort of websites they are allowed to visit, which could be a way for parents to prevent their kids from stumbling across adult websites, or for school teachers to prevent students from browsing 9gag whilst in class. No word on when Google will be rolling this feature out to the masses yet, but it clearly is in development which means that it could be a while before we see them.

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