xbox-one-hands-on-review-02When Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox One to eager gamers around the world, the excitement quickly fizzled and took a backseat to Microsoft’s then-controversial DRM policies. Microsoft then did a 180 and backtracked on those policies to appease gamers, and while for the most part a lot of gamers seem to be satisfied with Microsoft’s decision, there are still gamers out there who are paranoid that Microsoft could bring those policies back. Some assert that there is nothing stopping Microsoft from bringing those policies back once the console has been bought and released to gamers everywhere.

Well if you were worried about such a thing happening, you can rest assured that it won’t. According to Albert Penello, Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning, revealed on NeoGAF that such a thing will not happen. “I don’t see that ever happening with content you’re buying today on either disc and digitally.” Penello explains that the policies were initially put into place as a security measure, but now that there are new security measures put into place on physical discs, those policies were no longer necessary and there is no reason for Microsoft enable them at a later date.

Interestingly though not everyone was happy about Microsoft’s backtrack, with some gamers petitioning for Microsoft to bring some of their controversial policies back, with an anonymous Xbox engineer lamenting about how those policies were a good thing and that Microsoft actually did a bad job of communicating them to the public. In any case hopefully Penello’s recent statement will assuage the worries of would-be Xbox One gamers out there.

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