xbox-one-hands-on-review-02When new products and services launch, there is bound to be teething problems and we guess Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One and Xbox Live will not be any different, at least that’s according to a NeoGAF user who posted the rumor on his blog. According to the poster, his information comes by way of an anonymous developer working with the Xbox One who claims that both the Xbox One’s operating system and Xbox Live service for the Xbox One are in an extremely buggy state at the moment and it could actually be months before both the console and the online service will begin to function as it should.  According to the anonymous developer, “The system OS and network integration was written by a group of people who do not play games. They don’t understand why things were set up in the ways they were designed by J Allard back in 2005.” 

When asked if it was possible that these bugs were the result of Microsoft backtracking on their DRM policies, the developer stated that “this was happening either way.” Take these statements with a grain of salt for now, but like we said, most products and services usually launch with problems at the start, such as servers overloading and causing gamers to be unable to login, or software whose bugs were not caught during the beta phases, and etc., and it is usually after a while that things begin to settle down, but either way we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled during console’s launch to see if any of these statements are true or if they are simply fabricated to make Microsoft look bad.

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