Samsung is one of the biggest vendors that is venturing deep into the wearable device arena. Recently it showed off two new Galaxy Gear smartwatches as well as the Gear Fit fitness tracker. These wearable devices were all launched alongside the Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress 2014. All this despite the fact that the wearable devices it released last year didn’t have a good run. Perhaps Samsung is going with its much debated “gadget spam” strategy once again, this time focusing it on the wearable market. Apparently there’s yet another such device up Samsung’s sleeve, an activity tracker called “S-Circle,” which has popped up at the FCC.

Now not much is known about the S-Circle at this point in time, and not much can be gained from perusing the FCC filing, as Samsung has requested that the FCC keep most of the features of this product private. Despite the request, some details can be extracted, such as the fact that this activity tracker relies on Bluetooth Low-Energy to communicate with other devices.

Its possible that the S-Circle may be used to transmit movement and heart rate data to the S Health app found on many Samsung devices, but that’s just a speculation. Obviously we’ll have to wait for word from Samsung to be really sure of what this activity tracker is capable of.

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