samsung-gear-fit-03After launched a new Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Neo, Samsung has kept one more wearable device for its Unpack 5 event in Barcelona. Gear Fit is a band that features a 1.84” curved AMOLED display. Created with design in mind, Samsung made it possible for users to swap watch bracelets, so they’re technically not limited to one color option. This is a huge step forward since the rigidity of the bracelet was one of the main peeve with the original Galaxy Gear.

In terms of functionality, the Gear Fit will track steps and monitor your heart rate at regular intervals. Of course, it is also a notification device and will display incoming calls, texts and emails. The user will be able to interact with the Gear using simple swipe gestures and overall it’s a device that should simple to use.

I liked the readability of the wide display, and the space makes swipes more agreeable than on narrow smart watches. The OLED screen has the potential of consuming less battery life than an LCD because only the lit pixels consume power. Since the user interface is fair monochromatic with plenty of black, this should work to its advantage.

The Gear Fit will come in black with the option of having a black or wild orange and gray bands. Since you can get your own, what kind of band would you choose?

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