Bulletproof Nokia Lumia 520 Sparks Meme Rush

nokia-520-memeIt was at the beginning of this month when the story of how a Nokia Lumia 520 purportedly saved the life of its owner from a potentially fatal bullet in the course of a home break-in and robbery over in Brazil. That was not the first instance of a smartphone or mobile handset actually saving the life of its user or owner from a bullet, and it does not seem as though it will be the last. On the other hand, smartphones too, have been known to harm its human owner in the past, whether through electrocution, explosions or burns, but the “heroic” measure of the Nokia Lumia 520 has resulted in a meme that has drawn hundreds of comments and thousands of points on Reddit.

This is definitely far better than most of the intentional marketing tactics out there, and it would bode Microsoft well to actually reach out to the victim to see whether he needs a new replacement smartphone or not, which is more or less a guaranteed way of earning brownie points with the general masses. After all, money cannot buy everything, and goodwill with its customers and those on the sidelines would be one of such items on the list.

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