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Lumia 520 Is Most Popular Windows Phone Device Still
Can you believe that a hugely popular handset back in 2013 is still very popular today – and by popular, I do not mean in terms of it flying off the shelves every month, but rather, the context would be in the number of existing users. Well, the entry-level Nokia Lumia 520 happened to be the most popular Windows Phone handset in the world 28 months ago, and it seems […]

Microsoft Lumia 640 Apparently A Big Hit In The US
Earlier this year, Microsoft took the wraps off the Lumia 640. The handset does not sport very impressive specs, but it turns out that despite it being a mid-ranged phone at best, AdDuplex claims that the device is actually a big hit in the US. According to a recent tweet, “AdDuplex Windows Phone stats teaser: Lumia 640 enters US top-10 with a bang, outperforms Lumia 520.”We should note it says […]

Microsoft Responds To Bricked Windows 10 Lumia 520 Handsets
Owners of the Lumia 520 and its siblings, the Lumia 521, Lumia 525, and the Lumia 526, are reporting that their phones have bricked after installing the latest Windows Technical Preview for phones. So what’s the deal? Was there a bug with the technical preview? Or do these phones not have the capability of supporting Windows 10?Thankfully Microsoft has since issued a statement on the matter. Apparently it seems that […]

Lumia 520 Available On eBay For Just $29
Windows Phone smartphones aren’t that popular in the market if you compare them with iPhones or Android smartphones but there has been one model that did extremely well. In fact this smartphone is the best selling Windows Phone to ever hit the market. The Nokia Lumia 520 normally costs $99.99, it was launched at this price, now though its available for a steal through eBay. Lumia 520 is being sold on […]


AT&T Lumia 520 And 925 Receive Windows Phone 8.1 Update
Microsoft first showed its latest major update for Windows Phone earlier this year. After an open developer beta which lasted for a couple of months the company finally started rolling out the update a couple of weeks ago. Folks with carrier devices had to wait a bit longer to receive the update and today the wait ends for AT&T Lumia 520 and Lumia 925 owners. The carrier has finally released Windows […]

Nokia Lumia 520 Sells 12 Million Units Globally
Microsoft now owns Nokia’s devices and services business but back when it was still under the Finnish company’s control it was churning out devices that only ran Windows Phone. It released devices for all segments of the market, high-end and low-end alike. One of the devices meant for the latter did exceptionally well. The Lumia 520 is perhaps one of the best selling WP devices to date and Microsoft substantiated that claiming […]

Bulletproof Nokia Lumia 520 Sparks Meme Rush
It was at the beginning of this month when the story of how a Nokia Lumia 520 purportedly saved the life of its owner from a potentially fatal bullet in the course of a home break-in and robbery over in Brazil. That was not the first instance of a smartphone or mobile handset actually saving the life of its user or owner from a bullet, and it does not seem […]

Nokia Lumia 520 Stops A Bullet, Saves A Police Officer
We all put our phones in different places on our person. Some people prefer keeping it in their pockets on the side, some prefer keeping it at the back, some prefer putting it in their shirt pocket, while others factor keeping it in a bag. Well it turns out that one off-duty policeman’s choice to put his Nokia Lumia 520 in his back pocket might have saved him from serious […]

Microsoft Reveals Why Their Low-End Devices Do So Well
The Nokia Lumia 520 is one of the more popular Windows Phone devices at the moment and we’re sure many of you guys are wondering why? After all it doesn’t have a fancy screen, it doesn’t pack an amazing camera, and to be honest it’s a very, very basic phone.Then again it could be that despite its low-end specs, it runs very well for a phone that you’re paying for […]

Lumia 520 Crowned "Best Low Cost Smartphone" At 2014 GMA Awards
It is no secret that as far as Windows Phone handsets are concerned, the Nokia Lumia 520 is the best of them. This isn’t because it has the best specs. In fact the Lumia 520 is one of the lower-end Windows Phone handsets, and combined with its budget price tag, it was found to be the most popular Windows Phone handset. However it seems that’s not where the accolades end, […]

Windows Phone 8.1 Running On The Lumia 520 [Video]
Perhaps Microsoft has learnt from their past mistakes with Windows 8 when they announced that Windows 7 handsets would not be upgradable to Windows 8, causing an uproar amongst Windows 7 users. After all these were the users who decided to give Microsoft’s new mobile platform a go and this was how they were being “rewarded” for their efforts. Thankfully things have changed with Windows Phone 8.1. As you might […]

Lumia 520 Still Dominating Windows Phone In 2014
It is not secret that the Nokia Lumia 520 is one of the more popular Windows Phone handsets, despite the fact that the hardware specifications of the device is not exactly what you would consider to be “high-end”. So we suppose the appeal would be the fact that it is priced affordably, and comes with relatively decent specs for its price, making it a value for money purchase. In fact […]

Annual Xbox Music Pass Nicks You A Free Lumia 520/Lumia 521
We know that we have put the jolly season of Christmas behind us for over a month already, but this does not mean that the spirit of generosity should be stamped out altogether! No sir, Microsoft certainly does not think along that line, and they have in fact introduced a mouthwatering proposal – by giving away a contract-free Nokia Lumia 520 or Nokia Lumia 521 for free as long as […]

Lumia 520/521 Account For 30% Of All Windows Phone Devices Around The Globe
As Nokia gears up to hand off its Lumia brand to Microsoft, one must look back and see what the Finnish manufacturer was able to do right. Time and again it has been reported that the low cost Windows Phone devices, Lumia 520 and Lumia 521, have proved to be major hits. Latest data from Ad Duplex reiterates that, with both variants accounting for 30 percent of all Windows Phone […]