exploding-gs2An exploding smartphone is not something that we have not heard of before, that is for sure, and in yet another case, we have 7-year old Ariana Aitzhan who now has a fear of smartphones after her Samsung Galaxy S2 actually burst into flames as she was having some fun in the garden, just like how any other girl of her age would.

Ariana Aitzhan who was ambling about in her garden in Kazakhstan capital known as Astana suddenly screamed, causing her parents to rush to her side. When they arrived there, they noticed that the Samsung Galaxy S2 which she used was now on the floor, with Aitzhan’s friends claiming that the handset exploded in her pocket.

The burns suffered by the poor little girl were so severe that she had to undergo a skin transplant in the affected area. Aitzhan’s father recapped the horrific moment when he realized just how serious his daughter’s injuries were. He shared, “When it exploded she was screaming and calling for help, a neighbour that was nearest pulled her jeans off and said that some of her skin came away with it. The burn was horrific – it went all the way through to the bone.”

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