nokia x2 5It was only a couple of hours ago when Microsoft officially announced the Nokia X2. This is technically the fourth Android smartphone from Nokia, and the first for Microsoft since now they technically own the company. That being said, it’s interesting that Microsoft is continuing the Android push despite the fact that they have the Windows Phone operating system.

Then again, perhaps it could be the fact that the original Nokia X is selling well in various parts of the world that Microsoft sees potential in low-cost Android devices. According to a press release by Microsoft for the Nokia X2, Timo Toikkanen, head of Mobile Phones, Microsoft Devices Group mentioned that the Nokia X family was selling pretty well in countries like Pakistan, Russia, Kenya, Nigeria, and India.

Apparently in countries like Russia, Kenya, and Nigeria, the Nokia X family managed to reach the number 1 rank amongst phones in its price point. It managed to reach number 1 overall in Pakistan, and even landed the number 3 spot in India. “The Nokia X2 elevates the Nokia X experience with a stellar new design, ease of use and new Microsoft experiences. We’re proud to continue to bring smartphone innovation to lower and lower price points.”

It’s actually interesting that Microsoft is seeing success with low-end handsets. For example despite the fact that Nokia has plenty of high-end Windows Phone handsets, it is devices like the Nokia Lumia 520 that has proven to be a huge hit, so perhaps by keeping Android around, Microsoft will be able to establish a base in both the Windows Phone and Android low-end market.

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