ebay appleWhile official retail channels are one of the ways one could go about buying a product, looking on places like eBay or Craigslist can sometimes yield cheaper results, although in some cases the customer would have to sacrifice certain things like warranty just to get a cheaper price. That being said, eBay has been home to a ton of Apple-related products, but exactly how much?

According to a report from Computerworld, it seems that eBay might have traded a total of $2 billion worth of Apple products in the past 12 months. Yes, you read that, not $2 million, but a whopping $2 billion! Breaking the numbers down further, it was found that the iPhone took up a majority of the sales on eBay at 55% of the total amount.

In fact assuming the figures are correct, it might have even beaten Apple’s own figures where they estimated that 53% of their revenue came from the iPhone. However Apple does sell significantly more products that eBay and has products from all over the world, so it might explain the disparity.

As for other products, the iPod accounted for 7% of eBay’s sales, the iPad for 19%, and the Mac for 20%. So, are you guys surprised by the numbers? Do you turn to eBay for most of your shopping as well?

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