Duke Nukem 3DDuke Nukem is certainly a figure that can be said to be rather controversial – especially when you take into account the kind of outrage his character evoked back in his heydays. For those who waited what felt like forever for the last released title (which is ironic considering how the game itself is known as Duke Nukem Forever), you must have been disappointed as the game itself was a flop. Well, the other titles in the Duke Nukem series is definitely generally held in high regard, and those who would like to get some classic gaming time under their belt can always check out services like GOG and Steam. Point of note though – Duke Nukem titles will disappear from sale at the end of this year, and GOG has ensured that everyone has received fair warning beforehand.

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Earlier this week Microsoft announced that during this holiday season it’s going to run the Xbox Store’s biggest sale ever, offering 17 days of deals on games, apps, movies and TV shows. The first week of deals started December 22nd and ended yesterday with the second week of deals starting from today, some of the biggest titles of 2015 have received discounts so you’re in luck if you don’t already own them.

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sony ps4

The PlayStation 4 got several big games this year but Sony did have to rely upon third parties as well to make sure that those who own its current-gen console weren’t pressed for choice when deciding what to play. Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida is hyping a much better year for PS4 in 2016, saying that there’s going to be an “unprecedented rush” of big titles for this console in the coming year.

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xbox one elite

Earlier this year Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, it thought that since this controller cost $150 there may not be much demand for it. Microsoft found out that it was wrong to assume this as the controller was most certainly in demand throughout the holiday season which is why it remained so hard to find. The company has acknowledged that it “totally underestimated” demand which ultimately resulted in supply shortages throughout the holiday season.

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Significant advacements have been made over the past few years in electric car technology. Tesla already has multiple models that provide a range of more than 250 miles on a single charge, it has also deployed Superchargers that charge up its cars much more quickly and enable owners to take longer trips. Despite that all the efforts being made from traditional manufacturers, OPEC is still of the view that 94 percent of all cars will rely upon fossil fuels come 2040.

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The pack mule robot by Boston Dynamics, a Google company that recently wished us all a terrifying Merry Christmas, was being put through field testing by the United States military. The robot was meant to make it easy for military personnel to carry heavy equipment in the field however the military is giving up on this robot not because it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do because it’s just too loud.

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According to reports, Audi is going to add two new crossovers to its lineup in the coming year, this will be part of the investment that it has planned for next year, launching a redesigned Q5 as well as a brand new crossover called the Q2. This would be the first major design change for the Q4 since the last one back in 2012, and the second such redesign sicne 2008 when the SUV was first released.

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Lady Liberty is a 2000-year-old bald cypress tree located in Big Tree Park in Longwood, Florida. It’s been around longer than any one of us has and it would be really nice if it stayed that way for centuries to come. A nonprofit organization has collected a sample of this 89-foot tall tree for cloning, The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is working towards creating living genetic libraries by cloning landmark trees through horticultural propagation.

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Disney Research has been working on a new robot in collaboration with ETH Zurich, they have been working to fix the fundamental problem with robot cars, which is that when they hit a wall they can’t do much except stop or reverse. VertiGo is the solution that they have come up with, it’s a small robot car that’s capable of driving up walls. Disney describes it as a wall climbing robot that is capable of “transitioning from the ground to the wall.”

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Over the past few months, it has been consistently rumored that Apple is going to release a 4 inch iPhone early next year. Almost every other week there’s a new rumor about this handset and we do have a new one today which claims that Apple is going to start mass production of the iPhone 6c, that’s what it’s believed to be called, next month. The new handset is expected to bring several improvements over the iPhone 5s which is what it’s based on.

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