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This weekend is one comic book fans have been waiting all year for as Iron Man 3 will soon be released in theaters across the U.S. We know you’re probably excited enough to wear something Iron Man related, maybe even taking your 7-foot tall Iron Man figure with you. But true Iron Man fans who happen to have an iPhone 5 will want to also deck out their device with an Iron Man-themed case, and we think this Mark VII Armor Case would be the best to carry around with you.

The iPhone 5 case was modeled after Iron Man’s Mark VII upgraded armor and feels like it’s entirely made of metal. The case features the suit’s power core, which flashes when you have an incoming call, and also has a cover on its left shoulder that can uncover the iPhone’s camera. As with the majority of cool things you see on the Internet, the Mark VII Armor Case is only available in Japan, which means if you order it now, you probably won’t get it in time for the big premier this weekend. On the other hand, you will have it in time for your third or fourth viewing of Iron Man 3.

This month, the Netflix Streaming Library is shaving off some serious weight. Over 1700 titles are going to expire this month, meaning that they will no longer be available for streaming. One of the reasons for this is that Netflix’s many deals with studios such as Warner Bros., MGM and Universal are expiring. Another is the fact that Netflix is focusing a lot of its energy, and money, towards original programming. If you’ve had a glimpse of Netflix’s House of Cards, you’ll know just how dedicated they are to developing original content, since they sunk in some $100 million just to produce this show and boy has it done wonders!

Some of the titles that are expiring this month include Goldfinger and Dr.No of James Bond fame, 15 South Park seasons, and classics like The Delinquents, Gregory’s Girl and Thieves Like Us. InstantWatch has the entire list of titles, 1794 to be precise, that are no longer going to be available. Netflix will also be adding some 500 new titles today, so there’s no need to think that they will be running out of titles to stream.

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Right this minute, you’re most likely reading this article on a device that is connected to the Internet which is also most likely performing a number of other tasks such as checking your emails, receiving instant messages and maybe some other background tasks. But what if you needed a break from all of the technology that surrounds you and get back to the basics one weekend at a time? That’s exactly what Camp Grounded is offering.

Camp Grounded is a new summer camp that is aiming to help adults break away from technology in order to have them experience what it’s like to be a kid again. The summer camp for adults is near Anderson Valley, California and will take place some time next month for four days. The camp will feature a 1970s-style Boy Scouts camp atmosphere and will allow up to 232 campers to partake in the “fun” while they stick to a number of strict rules such as no use of technology, no cell phones and no talking about work. We’re not sure what exactly the camp organizers will do if they catch you breaking any of its rules, but if we had to guess, we’d say the punishment probably has to do with putting a bar of soap in your mouth or some of the other terrible punishments kids experienced in the 70s.

the pirate bay most popular file sharing site

Due to pressure from Swedish authorities against the world’s most popular BitTorrent website for using its .se top level domain, The Pirate Bay has now moved its TLD to an island in the Caribbean called Sint Maarten. We’ve chronicled the site’s domain related troubles here, earlier this month Greenland kicked them out after only two days, forcing The Pirate Bay to find refuge in Iceland. A motion has now been filed in the District Court of Stockholm to seize two domain names this includes the new Icelandic .is TLD and the Swedish .se TLD. As a result, the site has now shifted to a .sx domain.

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foxconn suicideIt has been three years running, that a small number of those working at Foxconn have committed suicide for various reasons from 2010 onwards, and the latest suicide at a Foxconn plant would extend this unwanted run to four years. In fact, it was reported that a couple of staff suicide attempts happened in Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant in central China’s Henan province, all within the space of four days.

Both factory workers (one male and the other, female) attempted to snuff out their respective lives by leaping from the building that they were working in between April 24 and April 27. The man is no longer alive, while the woman’s fate remains unknown. It seems that whispers from the inside claim that the Zhengzhou factory has entered “silent mode” from the beginning of April, where workers cannot talk about anything that has nothing to do with work while on company premises, although one does wonder who enforces such a draconian rule. Still, offenders were said to get a lower pay, or worse off, fired. Humans aren’t machines and should not be imposed to work under such rules if the reports are true, and it does seem to be more of a working environment for robots than anything else.

We know how tough it is to find time during our busy schedules in order to help construct the perfect body we’ve been dreaming about. Six-pack abs, toned legs and bulging biceps are some of the most sought after rewards anyone could achieve when working out, but if you’re just going to make yourself stronger, you won’t need to know that the TitanArm exoskeleton is around.

A group of students from the University of Pennsylvania designed and engineered the TitanArm prototype which was created to help its wearer lift way more than their jelly arms would be able to on their own. The TitanArm is built from an aluminum frame which is equipped with a battery-powered DC motor, a cable drive system, racket braking and a thumbstick controller for movement. The UPenn students believe their TitanArm can be used as a lifting aid, or can be used to increase a person’s mobility or physical therapy as it’s possible for medical professionals to be able to retrieve data from the TitanArm in order to monitor their patients remotely.

htcwatch shutdownThe HTC Watch service was first launched in May 2011, where it rolled out alongside the HTC Sensation 4G smartphone. Those were good times for the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, who has since fallen on rather difficult times. The HTC Watch service delivers different kinds of Hollywood movies for rent and download, and for a while it did seem as though the HTC Watch service was not popular enough, hence leading HTC to limit its availability.

Having said that, HTC has confirmed that they will no longer support the HTC Watch in half a dozen countries throughout the European Union from May 15th onwards, and those “lucky half dozen” would include Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. As for subscribers of HTC Watch from the mentioned countries, fret not, you can still download your existing purchases, as the final shutdown will happen on May 31st. HTC mentioned in a press release, “As we continue to deliver new content for HTC Watch, we’ve made the decision to focus our efforts on markets with the highest engagement.” Will there be other countries affected in a future cull, if any?

blackberry q10 preview 10 640x360True to their word, those of us living in the Great White North (or rather, Canada if you prefer to be formal) would finally be able to get hold of the BlackBerry Q10 today. Of course, we await with bated breath to see just how well (or not, as stranger things have happened in the past) the BlackBerry Q10 would sell in its own backyard, considering the extremely successful weekend launch of the BlackBerry Q10 in the UK. Those living in Canada can look forward to Telus offering the BlackBerry Q10, and if Telus is not their cup of tea, there are always Rogers and Bell waiting for you to ink that 3-year contract after forking out $199.99 for the smartphone itself, of course. For folks who prefer to pick up the BlackBerry Q10 sans contract, be warned that you could be up to $700 poorer along the way.

You might also want to check out other Canadian retailers such as Walmart and Future Shop to see whether they carry any stock of the BlackBerry Q10. Fans of the physical QWERTY keyboard on a smartphone would certainly be stoked with the availability of the BlackBerry Q10, and it would show the world whether there is still a market left for such a form factor. Those of us living in the US, we will have to wait until sometime later this May to see the BlackBerry Q10 arrive on all four major carriers.

centurylink gigabit omaha

There’s no doubt that gigabit internet is definitely the future, and the FCC Chairman certainly likes it, as he wants to see gigabit internet in all 50 U.S. states by 2015. Google has been working extensively in this arena, it is currently in the process of rolling out its Fiber gigabit internet and TV service in multiple cities. Vermont already has a Fiber competitor offering super fast internet speeds for $35. A Sony backed ISP in Japan is already offering double the speed of Google Fiber. Now CenturyLink, an ISP based in Omaha, has thrown its hat in the ring as well. They have announced that their current fiber network in West Omaha will be updated to offer gigabit internet speeds to selected customers from next week.

CenturyLink has said that it hopes to offer this new service to all of their 48,000 customers in the area by October, 2013. Competition in any given market is always good, and its definitely good to see that ISPs are taking note of the gigabit internet trend. If more ISPs start offering this service to their customers, the 2015 goal of all 50 states having super fast internet can definitely be achieved.

kindle blindIt was just last week when we brought you word that Amazon has updated their native Kindle for Android app, and so I guess it is only fair that folks who are using iOS-powered devices too, would be on the receiving end of such an update. In fact, it is said that the latest update to the Kindle iOS app from Amazon (which plays nice on the iPhone and iPad, of course) would bring along with it a slew of new features that will cater for both blind and visually impaired users.

Chances are most folks would pick the ability of the new Kindle iOS app version to read aloud from over 1.8 million Kindle Store titles the biggest difference in this app update. This is made possible thanks to assistance from Apple’s VoiceOver technology, and this particular update would also bring along with it better library and book navigation and search, in addition to other features such as notes, highlights, bookmarks, font size, background color and brightness.