ab-earthhourI am quite sure that most of us would have heard of Earth Hour by now, and the efforts that some companies such as Verizon go through to make a statement concerning Earth Hour such as turning off all lights for an hour across the numerous buildings that the company owns. Well, Rovio Entertainment, the house behind Angry Birds, would also participate this March 28th where the 8th annual Earth Hour lights-off event is concerned. While most folks would turn off all lights for an hour from 8:30 pm onward wherever they are, Angry Birds friends would take things one step further.

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kojimaWhen you are a great talent regardless of the industry that you are in, you can be sure that people will seek you out – and hope to hire you, or at least to get you to their side. Well, things between legendary video game industry icon Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami have not been too cordial as of late, and this has led to a particular game studio actually offering the world famous game designer a position. Which game studio would be so audacious as to do so?

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lamboAh, the wonders of an animated GIF. The early days of the Internet sure as heck had plenty of those going around, making themselves known on now-defunct Geocities pages. Well, it seems that animated GIFs still have a role to play in this day and age, and if you are an avid fan of the supercar-making company known as Lamborghini, then you would do well to look forward to such an animated GIF. After all, how can one fault this animated GIF when it depicts the entire range of Lamborghini models?

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One cannot really move forward and progress if the mindset decides to remain stagnant, and having said that, YouTube, the popular video site, has decided to improve their serve, so to speak. It was just a few months ago that YouTube already increased the video quality by enabling 60 FPS video playback. Well, it seems that this proverbial ceiling needs to be breached, and today we hear that YouTube is toying around with the possibility of 60 FPS video at 4K resolution, now how about that?

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nvaIt must be said that whatever achievement one picks up, it is due to the work of the ones who came before, and we are actually standing on the shoulders of giants. Having said that, the video game industry has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings, and it seems that the National Videogame Arcade has been instituted to help people appreciate games of the past, and hopefully, this will be able to act as an inspiration for games developers of the future.

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huawei-kirinHuawei is certainly a company that is on the ascendant, as they have made some notable progress where its in-house chipsets are concerned. In fact, this is a commendable trait from them despite the flop that was the Kirin 910 which was incorporated into the Ascend P7. Iterations after the Kirin 910 were certainly a whole lot more impressive, and this time around, it seems that Huawei has decided to share more information on the Kirin 930 chipset that is said to be the “brain” behind their flagship device, which happens to be the MediaPad X2 tablet that was announced earlier this month.

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honda-bulldogIf there is one particular good thing about concepts, it would be the simple fact that concepts are easy to think of, and the are not bound by the laws of physics as well as any other rules in the real world. Having said that, here is a unique concept motorcycle by Honda that might just pique your interest. It looks refined enough to be used on the streets, and yet it has that sense of ruggedness which would not see it out of place when tackling a dirt trail.

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82yo internetIf there is one thing that you can be sure about children these days, it would be this – they happen to spend a whole lot more time watching a screen, and do bear in mind that this does not translate to traditional TV viewing since screen time for TVs has dropped. In a new report, little ones aged five all the way to 16 have been found to spend an average of six and a half hours per day in front of a screen. If you were to take the 1995 generation, the amount of screen time back then stood at approximately three hours. This report hails from market research firm Childwise, and I do wonder when would the number of hours taper off in the future, taking into consideration it cannot continue to experience a similar scale of growth since that would be illogical

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google_logo1Internet search giant Google alongside Johnson & Johnson have worked on a new project, where this robot-assisted surgery platform looks set to usher in a new era down the road. This collaboration will involve “capabilities, intellectual property and expertise” from both companies, and we are quite sure that there will be none of the “no more tears” campaign, since baby shampoo and talcum powder look set to be out of the equation.

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htc_logoIt looks as though the folks over at HTC are on a roll, especially when you take into consideration how the Taiwanese company intends to make waves in the Chinese market by rolling out a slew of new devices. In fact, we have heard about the likes of the HTC T1H tablet, and here we are with another leak from Upleaks, where additional information concerning a new budget device has been revealed.

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