Microsoft has been increasingly focusing on developing apps and services for rival platforms and the Arrow Launcher is one such app that it has released rather quietly for Android devices. As the name suggests it’s a launcher for Android which provides users with a different and personalized experience on their devices. The launcher is currently in beta stage so there’s work to be done before it’s released to the public.

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Tomorrow OnePlus is going to officially announce its second smartphone, over the past few weeks the company has been hard at work to generate hype for the OnePlus 2. It’s going to stick with its invite system this time around as well which is why those who might be interested in picking up a unit should get their name on the OnePlus 2 invite registration list. It will not be possible to purchase the smartphone from OnePlus without an invite at least initially.

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Your phone is a “mobile” device that can be easily carried anywhere, which means there is a higher chance that it could be lost or even stolen.

If your Android phone is lost or stolen, you can easily track the location of the phone and also send remote commands to password-protect, wipe, or turn the (loud) alarm on. You can do all of this with the Android Device Manager, which is a built-in feature of Android which is enabled by default. So, even if you didn’t know about this before losing your phone, you can likely still track your phone, and take those actions. Read full post →How To Find Your Android Phone

Trying to lose weight? Trying to reduce your cholesterol? Trying to eat healthy in general? While there are obvious foods that one should avoid if they want to be healthy, unless you’re a nutritionist or a dietician, chances finding the right balance of what you should or should not eat might be a bit tricky.

This is where FitNatic’s Nourish comes into play. Nourish is a countertop gadget that you can use to help figure out what kind of supplements you should take to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, so instead of popping a variety of pills just to be on the safe side, the goal of Nourish to create a more personal and targeted form of supplement consumption. Read full post →FitNatic’s Nourish Will Create Personalized Supplements For You

baiduNokia’s Here mapping technology has been gaining a lot of attention recently, thanks to a number of high-profile companies who are reportedly interested in buying it. There have been reports that Chinese company Baidu is interested in the company, although last we heard German carmakers are apparently close to signing a deal.

That being said, this has not deterred Baidu one bit. Speaking to the folks at Re/code, Baidu’s CEO Robin Li revealed that Baidu is still interested in buying the company’s technology, claiming that it will help with their global mapping efforts. “We’re still interested. We only have the Chinese [mapping] data right now. We need the global mapping data going forward.” Read full post →Baidu CEO Claims They Are Still Interested In Nokia’s Here Maps

fallout shelterRecently it was revealed that Fallout Shelter managed to rake in a whopping $5.1 million in terms of revenue for Bethesda. This is a huge number considering that the game is only available on iOS at the moment, and that it is about a month old. If anything this sounds like a good time to start churning out more mobile titles, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately that will not be the case. Speaking to IGN, Bethesda’s Pete Hines revealed that the company has no plans for future mobile games unless they make sense, and by that he means that it needs to be a good fit with the titles that Bethesda has put out into the market already, as opposed to creating a mobile game just because. Read full post →Bethesda: No Plans For More Mobile Games Unless It Makes Sense

Windows has gotten a lot of flak over the years as being a platform that is constantly targeted by hacks, malware, viruses, and so on, making it seem like Microsoft isn’t doing a good enough job of securing it. However when you’re one of the most widely-used operating systems in the world, it’s not a surprise that you would be the most targeted as well, rigt?

That being said, Microsoft has recently released a new ad for Windows 10 in which they are boasting that the upcoming operating will be its most secure Windows yet. The video serves to highlight several security features of the platform, such as how Windows 10 will support a variety of biometric logins. Read full post →Microsoft Boasts That Windows 10 Is The Most Secure Windows Ever

att-signLast year AT&T announced that they would be acquiring DirecTV, but obviously a simple announcement like that wasn’t going to cut it. The deal would naturally have to be subjected to regulatory approval while they check for potential antitrust violations that could crop up because of the acquisition.

As it turns out, it looks like AT&T did not have anything to worry about because the FCC has recently given the deal the green light. This means that AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV has been approved which in turn makes AT&T one of the country’s largest content providers around. The deal, last we heard, was said to be valued around a whopping $49 billion. Read full post →FCC Approves AT&T’s Acquisition Of DirecTV

bb-passport-whiteThe BlackBerry Dallas is an upcoming BlackBerry handset that we have been hearing about for a while now. The handset was recently certified in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and if you’re wondering when the handset will actually launch, it could be soon.

According to a recent FCC filing, it seems that the BlackBerry Dallas has made its way stateside. Unfortunately the filing does not tell us much about the handset as is usually the case, but all devices need FCC approval before going on sale, so at the very least what we can take away from this is that the handset is now one step closer to launch. Read full post →BlackBerry Dallas Makes Its Way To The FCC

Today we are living in a world where smartphones are able to act as our music players, internet browsers, storage devices, cameras, phones, and more. However back in the day, we would turn to dedicated devices like the iPod just to listen to music. That being said, how would kids react if you were to give them the original iPod?

That’s what the folks at the Fine Brothers decided to find out. In their latest video, they gave kids the first ever iPod created. The device was launched back in 2001 meaning that it is more than a decade old. The original iPod while considered somewhat revolutionary back then, was big, bulky, and heavy. Read full post →Kids React To Apple’s First Ever iPod