lenovo_k3_music_lemon_01When we think of smartphones with affordable prices, Xiaomi is a company that comes to mind. Despite Xiaomi’s products generally being available only in China or Asia, the company has managed to make waves due to the affordability of their products which offers great value for its price.

Well it looks like Lenovo is definitely not taking it lying down as the company has announced its latest smartphone in the form of the Lenovo K3 “Music Lemon”. While this is definitely not the most powerful smartphone around at the moment, its price tag is probably the highlight of the device as it is very affordable. Read full post →Lenovo K3 “Music Lemon” Features Decent Specs For Under $100

sony pictures hackedYou might recall that a couple of weeks ago, Sony Pictures was hacked. The hacked was followed by leaked movies which were posted online by the hackers. Well it seems that hacking Sony Pictures and disabling them wasn’t enough, but the hackers have now sent out a mass threat to Sony Pictures employees, according to a report from Variety.

According to the alleged email the hackers sent to Sony Pictures employees, it reads, “Many things beyond imagination will happen at many places of the world. Our agents find themselves act in necessary places. Please sign your name to object the false of the company at the email address below if you don’t want to suffer damage. If you don’t, not only you but your family will be in danger.” Read full post →Hackers Send Threatening Messages To Sony Pictures Employees

pinkWhen the iPhone 5 was released a couple of years ago, users started to notice what appeared to be a purple flare appearing in their photos. According to Apple this is apparently “normal” and Apple even released a support document that tried to advise users how to snap photos in order to avoid that purple flare.

That being said, the purple flare seem to show up mainly in photos taken in direct sunlight, which is why it is a little odd that for Sony Xperia Z3 owners, some of them are experiencing pink blotches in their photos, some of which are taken indoors. According to multiple reports, there are Xperia Z3 owners complaining of a pink blotch appearing in the photos that they have snapped. Read full post →Sony Xperia Z3 Owners Complaining Of Pink Blotch In Their Photos

Tumble+gif_2Before a new phone is released to the market, its OEMs run it through a battery of tests to ensure that not only does the phone perform as intended, but that it is also able to withstand a bit of abuse that one might encounter in daily life. Companies like Apple, OnePlus, and Samsung have shared some insights into what goes on behind the scene.

Well as it turns out, those tests are limited just to OEMs, but to carriers as well. According to a report from Engadget, they have revealed that Verizon has a testing facility of their own where the carrier subjects brand new phones to similar durability tests as well. These tests are more or less the same that OEMs conduct, like drop tests, tumble, scratch, and so on. Read full post →Verizon Reveals They Conduct Phone Durability Tests Of Their Own

foxconn-botsEarlier this year Foxconn announced that they will be deploying robots (also known as Foxbots) to help with the assembly of the iPhone. However it was later discovered that the robots weren’t as helpful as they had originally thought, and now according to a recent report from Chinese website Jiemian (via G for Games), it has been reported that Foxconn’s venture proved to be a rather disappointing affair.

According to the report, one of the main issues surrounding the robots is their precision. Apparently they are not precise enough, at least as far as Apple’s standards are concerned. It has been reported that assembling Apple’s products require an accuracy of 0.02mm, while the Foxbots can only achieve an accuracy of 0.05mm, which safe to say isn’t up to scratch. Read full post →Foxconn’s Robot Automation Program Is Reportedly Disappointing

s6 benchIt is safe to say that Samsung’s Galaxy S releases have been very popular over the years, and we expect that 2015’s Samsung Galaxy S6 will be no different. In fact it could very well be the most popular as Samsung is said to be changing the way they are approaching the device, so safe to say we are very interested in seeing what they can bring to the table.

That being said, there have been some reports that suggest that the Galaxy S6 could pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset under the hood, and while that is no doubt a possibility, a recently published (via PhoneArena) AnTuTu benchmark result has revealed that the Galaxy S6 could be powered by Samsung’s own Exynos chipset. Read full post →Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 AnTuTu Benchmark Revealed

samsung logo 4Imagine this – you spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new smartphone which means that you expect the device to be completely brand new all over, but later you find out that the company making your smartphone has used recycled components instead which essentially means you’re paying full price for a refurbished product.

You probably can’t be too happy about this, right? Well it seems that there have been some wild accusations lobbed at Samsung’s direction, claiming that the South Korean company uses recycled AMOLED displays in its new products. The rumor claims to have obtained photos which shows off Samsung’s assembly line in which the recycled panels are used. Read full post →Samsung Refutes Accusations Of Using Recycled AMOLED Displays

att-outside-logo-signNobody likes having their internet speeds throttled, but unfortunately that is what AT&T seems to be doing. Recently the carrier had caught some flack from the FTC over their data throttling. However the carrier argued that the reason for data throttling was because of congested networks.

Now this only applied to those on unlimited 3G/non-LTE 4G phones, or at least that’s what many had assumed but as discovered by Ars Technica, this is not the case as AT&T has been found to be throttling unlimited 4G/LTE devices as well, with 4G covering HSPA+ phones as well. While 4G and LTE are more or less synonymous these days, it is technically true that 4G does include HSPA+ as well. Read full post →AT&T Throttling Unlimited Data Users Regardless Of Network Congestion

yo bitchesIf you haven’t already seen it, there is a good chance that you’ve probably heard of AMC’s hit TV series Breaking Bad. The show has officially come to an end quite a while back, but it seems that fans still can’t get enough of it, so much so that one of the show’s main stars Aaron Paul has decided to release an app of his own.

It’s a messaging app that’s titled “Yo, bitches”, which for those unfamiliar is inspired by one of his trademark lines in the show. The UI of the app, as you can see in the screenshots above, are also inspired by the Yo messaging app that allows users to send the word “Yo” to friends and family. Read full post →Breaking Bad Star Aaron Paul Releases His Own Messaging App


Are you looking forward to a new Street Fighter title? Well the good news is that if you are, you might be interested to learn that Capcom has a Street Fighter V in the works. This is according to a recently leaked trailer(which has since been removed) that teases the game, but unfortunately apart from the leaked trailer, not much else is known about the game for now.

What we do know is that it appears to be an exclusive for the PlayStation 4 and the PC platforms. No word on whether it will be released for the Xbox One, although some believe there is a possibility that it could be a timed exclusive and that the Xbox One’s release could be taking place later in 2015. Read full post →Street Fighter V Revealed In Leaked Trailer