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IFA is the global launchpad for innovations and business addressing global buyers, retailers and media. Along with the innumerable product debuts IFA is underlining its standing as the world’s leading event for the Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances industries. IFA has continued to succeed in 2012: Full display halls, enthusiastic visitors, satisfied exhibitors, and an impressive worldwide media response – all at exactly the right time as the end-of-year phase kicks off.

More than 240.000 visitors, thereof 138.000 trade visitors including 45.750 trade visitors from abroad experienced and utilized IFA 2012. 1.439 exhibitors from 56 countries displayed their latest product debuts on 142.200 square meters rented space. IFA attracted the world´s top tech leaders and global buyers by measuring business exceeding 3.8 billion Euros.


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iphone 5s release date

We’re less than a month away from September 10th, when Apple is expected to unveil its new smartphones. There have been many rumors over the past couple of months claiming that Apple is facing production issues which might constrain iPhone 5S shipments upon launch. The primary cause of these issues is said to be the fingerprint sensor. As per a well known analyst with a solid track record of predicting Apple’s plans, the production issues might lead to the iPhone 5S being outshipped by the iPhone 5C in the September quarter.

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities believes that Apple will ship 8.4 million iPhone 5C units while only managing to ship 5.2 million units of the iPhone 5S. Despite that, Kuo believes that iPhone 5C won’t become Apple’s best selling iPhone. Instead the iPhone 5S shipments are expected to grow by 438 percent in the holiday quarter after September, reaching to nearly 28 million units being shipped around the globe. Even if the future means that iPhone 5S units will roll off production lines without any further issues, Apple would have limited supply available at launch to meet the demand of all those who have been waiting for a new iPhone, for well over a year now. Both iPhones will be launched in selected markets initially, and stock will be divided between those markets to cater to the launch day demand. Another analyst recently said that iPhone 5S is going to be Apple’s most successful iPhone launch ever, one can bet that initial demand will be overwhelming.

iphone 5c hq 1 640x426

Apple is expected to unveil two new smartphones next month. One of them is said to be a budget offering, a toned down variant of the iPhone, which is reportedly going to be called the iPhone 5C. A recent rumor had claimed that Apple would stop offering iPhone 4S and instead replace it with the iPhone 5C as the entry-level iPhone offering. In a note to investors today, famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities said that instead of replacing the iPhone 4S, the budget offering would instead replace iPhone 5. This move would essentially make the iPhone 5C a mid-range product instead of the low-end device everyone is making it out to be.

There’s just one problem that would remain if the iPhone 5C doesn’t replace iPhone 4S. Apple wouldn’t be able to phase out the old 30 pick dock connector which the iPhone 4S uses. If it were to be replaced by the company’s upcoming budget smartphone, the entire lineup would then become compatible with Apple’s Lightning connector. Recent rumors suggest that iPhone 5C might be priced somewhere between $300 to $400, customers would not be required to take up a service contract with a carrier. On the other hand, iPhone 4S would be offered for free with a two year contract. There’s no confirmation about any of these plans just yet, so its best not to form a notion right now about the upcoming iPhones.

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Nokia’s Lumia lineup of Windows Phone devices have been relatively successful in the market. The company has long been rumored to be working on a tablet as well as a phablet, which is basically a cross between a smartphone and a tablet. Phablets have displays larger than conventional smartphone but smaller than 7 inch tablets. According to The Verge, Nokia has a 6 inch 1080p display touting phablet up its sleeve, codenamed “Bandit.” Said to be one of many 1080p Windows Phone devices that Nokia will release in the future, the Bandit is reportedly powered by a quadcore Qualcomm processor.

The report further says that the Bandit will have a slight hump at the back, similar to the Lumia 925, to accommodate its 20 megapixel camera. Reportedly fashioned out of polycarbonate, the Bandit is said to be very light and thin. It is said that Nokia Bandit phablet is currently being tested at AT&T and may be launched in the U.S. by the end of this year. Nokia itself has dropped no hints of an upcoming phablet, let alone one with a full HD 1080p display. If the rumor does turn out to be true, it is possible that the device might be launched around the holiday season.

loki snowmobileWe have seen stealth fighter jets and stealth bombers in the past, but here we are with word that Canada’s military has started to test their $620,000 stealth snowmobile which relies on electric motors to sneak up on enemies. The new machines must be tested in a way against current machines for noise, speed, endurance, and being able make the switch to stealth ‘silent mode’ in a jiffy. Apart from that, since this is meant to be a stealth snowmobile, its full capabilities of the Arctic warfare capabilities remain under wraps as a secret .

The whole idea behind this stealth snowmobile is to enable troops to covertly operate in Arctic conditions, and each of these machines would cost a whopping $620,000, being one of the first few silent hybrid-electric versions of a snowmobile. So far, initial tests were carried out across different snow conditions at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, and according to the defence report’s requirements, “the prototype must be at least nearly as capable and reliable as a standard internal combustion snowmobile, while providing a significant noise reduction.” Solid Snake could have made good use of one of these puppies back in his first Metal Gear Solid outing on the Sony PlayStation, don’t you think so?

htc one x android 4.2.2

Nearly ten days ago we reported that the NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered HTC One X+ was receiving the much awaited Android 4.2.2 update. This update for the company’s flagship’s variant from last year brought enhanced Sense 5 UI as well as other improvements. Soon after that update was rolled out in various regions such as Europe and Asia, the Android 4.2.2 update for HTC One X has been rolled out in those regions as well. The update, which bumps version number to 4.18.401.2, weighs in around 380MB and brings HTC Sense 5 UI on top of the core Android 4.2.2.

HTC Sense 5 debuted on the One, HTC’s 2013 flagship which was released a few months ago. So the HTC One X update brings BlinkFeed, a new lockscreen, a Quick Settings panel as well as the option to get a battery percentage icon in the status bar. This particular update is only for the European HTC One X variant, which is codenamed Endeavor, not for AT&T”s variant of the device which carries the Evita codename. It is believed that all markets in Europe will be receiving the update notification over the next few hours. The impatient ones can manually check for the update by going to Settings app and following through to the About section. [Image via AndroidPolice]

htc one max fingerprint

HTC’s first phablet, codenamed T6 and widely known as the HTC One Max, is yet to be unveiled. There have been many leaks but the company is yet to make an official announcement. We’ve seen leaked pictures of the device and heard about its purported specifications. Its supposed to have a massive 5.9 inch display, which would without a doubt be a major differentiating factor for the One Max. A new image of this device has leaked which shows off a purported fingerprint scanner underneath the camera on the back of the device. The image also shows how the One Max lines up against its two younger siblings, the HTC One and the HTC One Mini.

A lot of upcoming devices have been rumored to come with a fingerprint scanner. We heard rumors about the LG G2, but it didn’t come with this feature. The iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are both rumored to have fingerprint scanning capabilities, though nothing has been confirmed as yet. This is actually the first time we’ve heard of the possibility of HTC One Max coming with such a scanner. Furthermore, the recent non-final One Max press render that was leaked didn’t show off a scanner underneath the camera. A grain of salt is definitely advised when perusing this picture, its a possibility that this fingerprint scanner you see on the back is a fake. [Image via ePrice]

rsz att htc one mini

It was back in June when it was confirmed that HTC One Mini would be coming over to AT&T. Then late last month we saw the first unofficial press render of the AT&T HTC One Mini leak out. The carrier had not announced back then when it would be launching the device. Today, it finally made the announcement. The HTC One Mini will be available from AT&T starting August 23rd for $99 coupled with a two year contract.

The One Mini is a compact version of HTC’s current Android flagship, the HTC One. It has a 4.3 inch 720p display, a 1.4 GHz quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor as well as HTC’s famed UltraPixel camera that has an illuminated sensor on the back which is said to capture 300 percent more light than conventional smartphone camera sensors. This allows users to take better photos in low light conditions. HTC BlinkFeed, Zoe and BoomSound, which were first introduced with the One are all on-board the One Mini as well. An interested thing we noted in the leaked render was that the Beats Audio logo had given up its bright red shade in favor of grey, which made it blend in with the casing instead of making it pop. The official press image confirms the color change.

We did talk about the RoboThespian earlier in 2012, where it was meant to be an ambassador for human-robot interaction, and it seems that the RoboThespian has been taken to the next level, having been designed by Engineered Arts of Cornwall in the UK, where it managed to conjure a few jokes which were surprisingly well received over at a recent performance at the Barbican Center in London.

This particular performance by RoboThespian happened to be the brainchild of Pat Healey, a professor of human interaction and head of the school’s Cognitive Science Group, as well as Kleomenis Katevas, doctoral candidate, where both of them happen to hail from Queen Mary University of London. This particular robot is capable of cracking a few wise cracks, with its cameras tracking facial expressions, gaze and head movements. Sounds like an extremely interesting idea, but it is still a long, long way off from being a real comedian in the league of Russell Peters and others. Also, the kind of jokes shared is as good as the person who programmed the RoboThespian, unless someone manages to successfully write an algorithm that is capable of thinking up new, random jokes which a human – and not a machine, is capable of understanding and have his or her funny bone tickled.

As you age and your friends start to push up daisies, you would find yourself surrounded by folk younger than yourself (some by a long mile) more often than not. It can get lonely at times however, when all the young whippersnappers have their own lives to run and be busy with, which is why robots might step in to take the place of human companionship. The MOBISERV project is one of those ideas that could help out the lonely older folk out there, where it comes in the form of a mobile wheeled semi-humanoid figure that boasts a bevy of sensors, cameras, audio and touchscreen interface, functioning as a cyber-nanny of sorts to boot since the MOBISERV project is able to remind users to take their medicine, suggest a favorite drink or ask them to take a stroll in the park.

Not only that, this robot is capable of working in tandem with smart clothing on the patient, helping him or her monitor their vital signs, health and safety, as well as alert the relevant medical personnel and emergency services as and when required. Taking more than 33 months to develop among an alliance between research institutes, universities and technology companies across Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and the UK, we do hope to see the MOBISERV project end up as an affordable robot companion to the aged in due time.