All eyes are on Microsoft to reveal more about its next major platform update at its BUILD conference next month, but there has already been a steady stream of leaks about Windows Phone 8.1. The update is a bit far off, we don’t expect it to be released before the second quarter. Rumors suggest that it will finally bring a standalone notification center, custom Start screen backgrounds as well as a digital assistant that will rival Siri. The assistant will reportedly be called Cortana, and now a screenshot of said virtual assistant has been leaked online.

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One might argue that its a bit too soon for iPhone 6 rumors, but it really is often fascinating to read what the rumor mill is on about, particularly when it concerns one of the biggest product updates expected from Apple in recent years. It is widely believed that iPhone 6 will come with radical changes, presumably a bigger display and a new design. Details about the camera have emerged, originating from China, apparently the iPhone 6 will retain the existing 8 megapixel rear shooter. Since number of megapixels isn’t everything, don’t frown at the possibility that the next iPhone might not tout a jump in megapixel numbers.

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kickstarter-pledgeWe have seen our fair share of Kickstarter projects in the past, where a fair number of them happened to fall under the “Games” category such as Mighty No. 9 as well as a Japanese learning title. Well, we are pleased to bring you word that the crowdfunding platform has managed to achieve its brand new platform today, hitting the $1 billionth dollar pledged close to four years after Kickstarter, well, kicked off. Kickstarter first went live in April 2009, where a very special One Billion Dollars page was launched today in order to celebrate this particularly joyous and momentous milestone, where plenty of details as well as trivia concerning the achievement will be shared to boot.

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Bliss Windows XP

Windows XP may have been one of the most popular desktop OS iterations to come out of Microsoft, but it too has come to its end. The company has been trying hard to get XP users to switch, preferably to Windows 8, however it hasn’t been a smooth ride. Some users simply don’t want to switch because XP works for them, but they could be left vulnerable to possible security threats once Microsoft ends support for XP. To inform users about the cutoff date, Microsoft will now being notifying them through pop-up notifications.

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youtube-copyrightThose who live in the land of the free and home of the brave might be aghast to hear that YouTube is actually banned in some countries, such as China, Iran and Pakistan at one point or another in time? It seems that Pakistan might eventually end its ban on YouTube, a company that is owned by Google, and it also happens to be the world’s most popular video sharing site. The YouTube ban was imposed in September a couple of years ago after Google Inc. refused to remove the highly controversial video, Innocence of Muslims. Considering how the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has already ordered Google to remove the perceived offensive video, it does seem as though there is no longer any more viable standing for Pakistan to continue its ban on YouTube.

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iOS and Android are the platforms where you’d least expect to find Xbox Live at this point in time, however it does exist as a crucial feature on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles as well as Windows and Windows Phone devices. It lets users collect achievements and make friends list apart from doing a lot more, and reportedly the company is now thinking about extending it to iOS and Android as well.

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galaxy-tab-4-confirmWhat did you think about Samsung’s experience at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress that happened in Barcelona, Spain? I am quite sure that some Samsung watchers out there were not too happy that there was only one new addition to their Android-powered family of devices announced, which was the new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5. Well, apart from that, there was also the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit to boot, but what about a new tablet that might continue pushing the proverbial envelope for the South Korean company? This is where the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 comes in, where the image above was picked up by French website Planete Galaxy.

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Consumer interest and subsequent demand for a product can be quite fluid. The market can be swayed by new competitors offering more bang for the buck as opposed to their rivals, whereas for some its a matter of brand loyalty while some just want to stick with the product that has always worked for them. As the crop of new Android flagships gets ready to hit the market, its worthwhile to judge what the existing iPhones’ perception is in front of consumers. It appears that many prospective smartphone buyers still prefer the iPhone 5s as opposed to its unapologetically plastic sibling, the iPhone 5c.

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When it comes to eating pizza, which particular shop do you drop by in the first place? Is Pizza Hut one of your first few choices, or have you long sworn yourself off food from the likes of Pizza Hut simply because there are better pizzas out there? Well, the regular pizza parlor that you drop by once a week might serve the meanest slices of pepperoni and cheese pizzas around, but this does not mean that they are jam packed with technology. No sir, Pizza Hut’s got your back if you want a high tech dining experience thanks to this unique interactive table that you can see in the video above.

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One of the most hotly anticipated devices set to come out of China in the very near future is Oppo’s next flagship smartphone. The company has been teasing the Find 7 for quite some time now and already there have been dozens of rumors about the device. Even though all kinds of possible specifications have been thrown around, nothing is known for sure as yet as the company hasn’t made an announcement. A purported photo snapped with the Oppo Find 7 has surfaced online and it appears that the smartphone may have a 50 megapixel smartphone.

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