Haier-Curved-LED-105-900The leading Korean manufacturers have been introducing curved TVs for some time now, LG being the first one to create such a home entertainment device back in January 2013. Today at CES 2015, the chinese brand Haier is announcing its own 105” curved LED TV and 55” curved OLED TV, we have not seen them yet but we will make sure to stop by the booth to check the image and build quality with our own eyes.

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There have already been countless rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S6. Over the past few months we have seen the company incorporate metal into its smartphones, look no further than the Galaxy Alpha, and similar materials are now expected to make an appearance in future flagships. The Galaxy S6 too is rumored to have a metal shell and a picture leaked today apparently shows the shell of Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

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Marriott, a popular global hotel chain, recently asked the Federal Communications Commission to allow it to block personal Wi-Fi hotspots made by guests on its properties. When this was reported naturally there was a lot of criticism, even Google and Microsoft opposed the decision, but now Marriott is clarifying its intention behind this request and hoping that this might clear things up in peoples’ minds.

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The notebook market in the U.S. offers some great options to customers looking for a powerful package in a lightweight body, but those looking to spend a bit more can now pick up one of the lightest notebooks that Panasonic has ever created. The company’s Let’s Note RZ4 notebook is finally available in the U.S., through a company’s that’s importing them into the country, for a pretty hefty price tag.

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The Korean juggernaut has taken its sweet time to prepare the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for Galaxy S5. It released the update in Poland last year and also in a handful of other markets, but not in North America. The release still hasn’t happened in this part of the world but continues to grow in other markets. The latest markets to receive Android 5.0 Lollipop for Galaxy S5 include Russia and Malaysia.

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Many of us like to make many New Years Resolutions, which may or may be worked up throughout the new year, and Mark Zuckerberg is no different. Before 2015 rolled in the Facebook founder and CEO asked his 30 million+ followers on Facebook for suggestions about a new challenge that he should take up in 2015. Out of the suggestions provided by over 50,000 people Zuckerberg picked one which is to “read a new book every other week.”

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samsung logo

Samsung usually doesn’t make major smartphone announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show which takes place in the very start of January every year. We don’t it to stray from tradition in 2015. However that doesn’t mean some of the company’s partners won’t be able to feast their eyes on the upcoming flagship. A new report reiterates this, claiming the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be shown off to select partners at CES 2015.

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We weren’t that long into 2014 when a mobile game called Flappy Bird took the world by storm. It was incredibly infuriating which is probably what made the game so popular in the first place. There was no shortage of controversy surrounding it, Flappy Bird was later pulled by its developer for being too “addictive,” only to be brought back after a few months with some tweaks. The game now makes its way to Android Wear, a platform that Google introduced in 2014, which powers smartwatches.

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Later this month Microsoft is going to conduct an event where it will unveil the consumer version of Windows 10. The upcoming software was first announced last year after which a technical preview was also released. It goes without saying that at some point in time Windows 10 is going to make its way over to smartphones as well, no one knows when, the latest leak suggests that Windows 10 is already up and running on smartphones.

A picture which purportedly shows Windows 10 for smartphones have been leaked online. It comes from an unverified source with no track record so don’t forget that grain of salt.

So far Microsoft hasn’t talked much about the mobile version of Windows 10, even though it inevitably will have to at some point. From what we can gather it looks like the next iteration will bring support for a full background wallpaper. Windows Phone 8.1 only allows background to fill Live Tiles, one can see in the screenshot that the wallpaper also occupies space behind the app tiles.

It goes without saying that since this is a leak from an unverified source the possibility exists that this image might be a fake, so don’t doubt that possibility for a second, at least at this point in time when details about Windows 10 for smartphones are very scarce.


Over the past week we have covered multiple rumors about the LG G Flex 2. The first hint that LG might unveil a new smartphone at CES 2015 came from a tweet made by the official Qualcomm account. Subsequent reports suggested that at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 the LG G Flex 2 will be finally unveiled. A new poster has been spotted at the venue which all but confirms the impending announcement.

LG is one of the companies that is out in full force in Las Vegas where the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 is taking place. While many companies keep their products safe under wraps from prying eyes, it looks like LG doesn’t want to hide the G Flex’s successor, because it has already put up posters for the G Flex 2 in the main hallway outside the show floor.

The poster doesn’t reveal much about the device except for the tagline that it will be “redefining the curve,” and it does name the LG G Flex 2, which means there’s no further confirmation required that this new smartphone really is about to be announced.

What we do know is that it will be powered by a Qualcomm processor. Fortunately we don’t have to wait long because LG’s official announcement will come in soon enough, and that’s when we’ll know where the G Flex 2 stands.