There has been much talk about the one USB Type C port that Apple has included in its new 12-inch MacBook with Retina Display. The notebook only has this one port which will be used to handle everything from charging to data transfer. Apple has thus been able to make the new notebook slimmer and lighter by removing all of the other ports, even its own MagSafe charging solution, in favor of USB-C. A report suggests that by adopting this industry standard Apple will also open up the new MacBook to third party chargers and external battery packs.

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YouTube is the largest video site in the world and soon it is quite literally going to surround you. The site has plans to add support for 360-degree videos which would allow the viewer to see the entire point-of-view around the shooter. There might not be a barrage of content initially since recording 360-degree video requires a camera that is capable of doing so but things will most certainly pick up in due time.

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In November last year Microsoft confirmed that it is going to rebrand its business communications solution called Lync. Today the company confirmed when it intends to do that. It also revealed that Skype for Business is going to replace Lync as its business communications suite. The formal announcement has been scheduled for March 18th.

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It would probably be in your best interests to avoid plugging in a stranger’s USB drive into your computer. This practice will go a long way in ensuring that your computer remains free of malware and viruses which are not exactly hard to catch in this day and age. As it turns out there are far more dangerous USB drives out there they don’t even both with malware. They just fry your computer completely.

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Motorola recently announced the second generation Moto E smartphone that brings several improvements for the popular entry level Android device. Verizon was one of the carriers that confirmed it would be selling that device. Today customers interested in picking one up from Big Red can go ahead to visit Verizon’s website to purchase the new Moto E.

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A fortnight ago the Federal Communications Commission voted on its new net neutrality rules which regulate broadband internet as a public utility. Today a 313-page document has been made public which brings to light all of FCC’s new net neutrality rules. The document is open to all and those who are willing to peruse it can do so now. Lawmakers and advocates have been eagerly awaiting this release and now they can get to work dissecting it.

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Android app updates are very important and all your app should be updated to keep up with all the changes, including the security-related ones. As an app continues to be developed, these updates are provided to add new things and fix previous bugs. These updates may involve, Bug fixes, new features and new look to apps. Developers try their best to address all bugs and add new features to the apps to make sure users have best experience and functionality.

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Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows that HBO has ever made. Four seasons are available already and the fifth is going to arrive next month. Fans have been waiting for nearly a year to find out what happens next to their favorite characters in Westeros and beyond the Narrow Sea. A recap would be nice at this point in time and that’s precisely what the Game of Thrones cast has decided to do, albeit in 30 seconds.

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It would not be unfair to say that Grand Theft Auto is a goldmine for Rockstar. The franchise is immensely popular, even controversial at times, but it continues to soldier on despite everything. The BBC is interested in the story behind Grand Theft Auto and it has confirmed that a feature-length TV programme is being created which will tell the behind the scenes story of Grand Theft Auto.

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Samsung is often accused of “gadget spam” which basically means that the company has a tendency to release too many devices across all across price ranges. Late last year we heard rumors that the company will cut down on the number of devices it releases in a year to better focus on improving the performance of its high-end models. A new report today suggests that in order to maintain its lead in the global market Samsung is going to continue pushing more and more low-end handsets in the market.

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