xperia-z1s-sampleSo, we have heard that there was a device from Sony which was known as the Sony Xperia Z1S that appeared over on Sony’s site for but a moment recently. This particular “boo boo” was taken down not too long after it was discovered, which has already led to many folks taking a stab at Sony making an official announcement concerning the Sony Xperia Z1S. Seriously, very little is known about this smartphone, but it does seem that we might have something a little bit more to chew on this time around, and that would be a leaked image that comes with .EXIF data which points to a Sony D5503 device, where some sources have already stepped forward to claim that this is very well the Xperia Z1S that comes under Sony’s new flagship numbering scheme.

According to the .EXIF data, it does point to a 14.2.A.0.204 firmware version, which so happens to be based on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, although that too, has yet to be confirmed. What do you think of the Sony Xperia Z1S, and do you think that this will continue in the waterproof vein of its predecessor? Only time will tell, which is why we do hope for an official announcement sooner rather than later.

white-lgg2The LG G2 has been out for some time already, and Verizon customers are able to pick up one of these handsets any time that they like, although they will only be able to choose from one color – that would be black. However, it does seem that a recent leak could point to something else that might appeal to those who want their smartphones to arrive in a color other than boring black. On the Twitter page over at @evleaks, there was a photo posted up which does seem to resemble that of a white LG G2 handset complete with a Verizon Wireless logo that has been stamped on the back.

So far, the folks over at Verizon has not given away any indication in particular that they will start to sell the white version of the LG G2 anytime soon, but I suppose that might change in the near future if the leaked image from serial leaksters @evleaks happen to turn out to be true. Would you pick up a white version of the LG G2 just for the sake of it looking different from the current model in terms of its color? One thing’s for sure, the LG G2, regardless of which color it comes in, is a pretty fly and highly functional smartphone.

Google has just announced a bunch of new music features for Google Glass, where saying the words “Okay Glass, listen to…” would enable one to be able to access your tunes from Google Play Music directly. This would also include the entire library of songs that has been made available under All Access. Such a voice command will be made available to the masses in the weeks to come, and there will be moments where you will also say, “Okay Google, what song is this?” for the Sound Search feature to get to work as it analyzes a song playing within earshot, providing you with the name as well as artist alongside an image of the CD cover, if any.

Google will also be offering a set of stereo earbuds which is estimated to retail for approximately $85 thereabouts. To make it a whole lot more desirable, Google will also include five interchangeable color caps, allowing you to customize your earbuds depending on your mood. The whole idea of listening to your favorite tunes via Google Glass would mean that you no longer need to take a glance downwards at your smartphone while you enjoy your music, although it might take some getting used to seeing and hearing people talk to themselves, or so that is what it looks like with Google Glass. [Google Glass Page]


We previously caught a possible leak for what might be a Windows Phone 8 version of the popular micro-video social network, Vine. The leak simply had the Vine logo as part of Windows Phone 8’s Live Tiles home screen, and it looks like that leak turned out to be true as Vine is now available for Windows Phone users. Read full post →Vine Releases On Windows Phone With Live Tiles Support

gigabyte-p35kA gaming laptop can be quite an oxymoron when you think about it. Since laptops are naturally not all that powerful as compared to a desktop, to have a gaming class laptop would mean bulking it up with the right processor as well as video graphics card, so that would in turn, affect the portability of the laptop. Gigabyte hopes to have run into a viable solution with what they call the ‘world’s lightest’ 15” Haswell gaming laptop in the form of the Gigabyte P35K.

Just how light is it? Apparently, the Gigabyte P35K will tip the scales at just 2.16kg, where it measures a mere 21mm thin. Underneath the hood, you will find an Intel Haswell Core i7 processor, ensuring that the P35K will target gamers as well as 3D designers who are constantly moving around. I know that in this day and age, most of us would work on Ultrabooks that are super thin and light in comparison, but the P35K is powerful enough to run the latest games with its NVIDIA Geforce GTX 765M graphics card that has 2GB of GDDR5 RAM, and is touted to be able to surpass the 3DMark advantage score of P17,800 thanks to its “Ultra Boost” overclocking technology. Other hardware specifications include a 15” Full HD display, enough space to carry up to two 512GB mSATA SSD and two 1TB HDD, and a sandblasted aluminium matte finish with a starting price point of £1,199.99.

Microsoft has been publishing quite a few commercials for its next-generation console, the Xbox One. We’ve seen a commercial where the Xbox One invites you to play with it, while its Revealed trailer has us taking a closer look at the console’s hardware. Today, a new commercial, called Retirement Home, has been released that features former NFL stars Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher as they attempt to enjoy their retirement. Read full post →New Xbox One Commercial Stars Former NFL Players Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher


Just a few days ago, the Internet went completely bonkers from what appeared to be a screenshot of the Google Play Store running on a BlackBerry Z10. The image made many believe Google Play would soon be headed to BlackBerry devices, although BlackBerry would like you to proceed to hold your horses. Read full post →BlackBerry: ‘No Planned Support For Google Play’

Drones have been getting a bad rep over the past few years as every time we hear about them, we can’t help but imagine some unmanned vehicle that has been sent to kill us in the middle of the night. Drones aren’t known for saving lives, but a new one created by an Iranian researcher has built one whose main purpose is to save people.

Read full post →Pars Drone Was Built To Save Lives Of Those Stranded At Sea


PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita owners know all too well the process of purchasing a digital game on the PlayStation Network. The only way you can make your purchase is either through your PS3, PS Vita or online through the Sony Entertainment Network website. But starting today, a number of major retailers will allow its customers to buy digital content on the PlayStation Network. Read full post →Sony Allows Retailers To Sell Digital PS4, PS3, PS Vita Titles


We’ve seen recent updates to Google Chrome that allow its users to know which YouTube-related tab is making sounds in the background through a small “Play” icon positioned in between the website’s icon and the words of the YouTube video. It seems as though Google isn’t stopping there as a new Chrome beta was released on Monday and it now allows you to pinpoint which tab is playing audio, regardless if it’s a YouTube video or not. Read full post →Chrome Beta Update Helps You Find Tabs That Are Playing Audio