google-messenger-quick-replyHaving such hi-tech gadgets like smartphones is all about convenience and making our lives more efficient. That being said if you’re an Android user you might want to update to the latest version of Google’s Messenger app as in the latest version, it adds a quick reply feature to it, thus allowing users to reply messages faster.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the quick reply feature does not require the user to launch the app completely. Instead a small window appears in which they are able to type their response and send it right back to the person. Alternatively the window also gives the user a choice of whether they want to launch the app itself. Read full post →Google Messenger Updated With Quick Reply Feature

google now card saleLet’s say you’ve been eyeing a new camera but at its current price, it is a bit too expensive for your tastes so you forget about it and hope that either you can save up enough for it, or maybe hope that a sale will take place and it will become more affordable. Now there’s really no telling when a sale might happen, but thanks to a new Google Now card, you will be notified of it.

It has been noted that there is a new Google Now card that can remember products that you’ve searched for in the past, and when it detects that the item is on sale, it will then remind you of it. Sometimes we might forgot what we’ve searched for as it might not be too important so we could miss out on a sale now and then, but hopefully the new card will let more shoppers take advantage of the drop in prices. Read full post →New Google Now Card Informs You When A Product Goes On Sale

excel ipadUsers who have used Microsoft Office for the desktop are probably familiar with add-ins. Essentially one could think of add-ins for Office as how extensions are for browsers where users can add more features and functionality to the app that might make their life more convenient.

The good news is that it looks like add-ins is a feature that Microsoft will be bringing to its mobile version of Office. Announced on the Office blog, Microsoft writes, “Developers play a critical role in the world of Office by building new experiences for users and customers that we could never have imagined. Developers can extend Office apps using add-ins to expose their custom capabilities to users and connect to Office 365 through open APIs.” Read full post →Office For iPad Will Get Add-Ins Support, Android To Follow Later

vivo x5 proVivo is a company not many might have heard of, but they were probably the first smartphone maker to arrive onto the market with a QHD display in the Vivo Xplay 3S, a pretty impressive accomplishment that beat many mainstream OEMs to the punch. The company is working on a new phone dubbed the Vivo X5 Pro and in the latest tease, appears to be promising what looks like a retina scanner.

Now there are many different forms of security for phones. There is your usual passcode locks and pattern locks, although fingerprint scans appear to be more common these days too, but it looks like Vivo wants to introduce a retina scanner which as the name suggests, will scan your eyes before it unlocks your device. Read full post →Vivo Teases Retina Scanner For Upcoming X5 Pro Smartphone

Say you’re out at night, you’re alone, it’s late, and it’s dark. This would present the perfect opportunity for someone to get attacked by people of the unsavory nature which is where devices like Revolar come in handy. This is a tiny device that’s around the size of a quarter and it allows users to press it which in turn will send a signal to your friends/family members and let them know your location.

Of course whether or not your help will actually arrive in time to save you remains to be seen, but it will come in handy for when users feel that they might not be safe and want to alert their friends and family members before anything happens, just to give them a heads up. Revolar is small enough to fit into pockets or be clipped onto clothing or even hung on a keychain where one could even hang a tiny canister of pepper spray. Read full post →Revolar Personal Safety Device Launches On Kickstarter

Project Ara is Google’s upcoming modular smartphone, and recently we’ve seen competition from the likes of Fonkraft, but if neither of these phones have managed to pique your interest, perhaps this might. Dubbed the Nexpaq, this isn’t really a modular phone per se, but rather it is a smartphone case that features modular elements.

This means that essentially users will be able to keep their smartphone the way they like it but will also be able to add onto it. For example at the moment, the developers behind Nexpaq have envisioned modules such as extra battery packs, an LED flashlight, an SD card reader, speakers, a thermometer and humidity sensor combo, programmable buttons, a USB flash drive, a laser pointer, extra storage, and more just to name a few. Read full post →Nexpaq Is A Modular Case For Your Smartphone

Having unlimited LTE data is great because what this means is that users can go ahead and download as many things as they’d like, watch as many videos as they want, and so on without having to worry about reaching a data cap. Now not every user is so opportunistic but there are some who rely on their phones for all their internet needs, which is why carriers such as AT&T and Verizon have entertained the idea of throttling its heavy data users.

While T-Mobile did not announce any such system of their own, some users on Reddit are suspecting that maybe the system is in place but was never announced as they claim to have had their speeds throttled by the carrier. So much so that T-Mobile’s CEO caught wind of the issue and addressed it during T-Mobile’s Q1 2015 earnings call, which you can check it out for yourself in the video above. Read full post →T-Mobile’s CEO Denies Speed Throttling Of Unlimited 4G LTE Users

apple watch taptic engineWhy is Apple having such a hard time keeping up with the demand for the Apple Watch? Could it be that they are swarmed with orders? Possibly. Could it also be that they’re working on a build-to-order system to prevent overproduction? That could be it too, but according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the issue with Apple’s slow rollout of the Apple Watch is due to a faulty component.

The culprit in question is that of the taptic engine which is the component used inside the device to give users that buzzing sensation on their wrists whenever they receive a notification. That being said, it seems that it was only after mass production of the Apple Watch that it was discovered during reliability testing that the taptic engines began to break down over time which is obviously not a good thing after you’ve spent at least $350 on the device. Read full post →Apple Watch’s Faulty Taptic Engine Leads To Slow Rollout

Apple has Continuity which basically lets users pick up where they left off to make moving between tablet to phone, phone to desktop, desktop to phone, easier. However given that they both run very different operating systems, there are only so many features that can be shared and this is where Microsoft comes in.

During their Build conference, the Redmond company announced Continuum. However unlike Continuity, Continuum will turn your phone into a desktop. For example if you have access to a screen, keyboard, and mouse, all you’d have to do is connect your phone to it and it will then transform itself into a desktop and give users a desktop-like experience. Read full post →Continuum Will Give Windows 10 Phones A Desktop Experience


HoloLens has been making quite a bit of noise ever since it was first shown back in January. It is supposed to bring “hologram technology” to the masses as a stand-alone device, which can also work with a PC or Xbox one day.

What’s new today is that we had new demos of the technology, and for its Build conference, Microsoft rigged a camera that can simulate what a HoloLens user actually sees. The cool thing about HoloLens is that several people can be looking at a virtual object from different angles at the same time.

Here’s the video from today’s demo. Remember, you are seeing the “holograms” as the cameraman sees them: Read full post →HoloLens Demo Impresses [Microsoft Build 2015]