apple-tvA couple of decades ago, Apple attempted to enter the video game business by partnering up with Bandai and creating the Apple Bandai Pippin. Safe to say it was not the commercial success they were hoping for, but Apple could be thinking of making a comeback. No, Apple is not making a video game console, at least not in the strictest sense.

According to a report from The New York Times, Apple’s attempts at entering the video game market will be through the upcoming Apple TV refresh. Now the Apple TV has always been viewed as a set-top box to watch videos and movies and listen to music. However the report claims that the Cupertino company will be making games the primary selling point of the device. Read full post →The Apple TV Will Be Marketed Towards Gamers [Rumor]

Chances are you probably know someone, or maybe you are that someone who gets motion sickness. Whether it be long-distance car rides or via flying, or maybe even when you play video games. Now wouldn’t it be nice if there was a cure out there that could zap our motion sickness away just like that?

According to the Imperial College of London (via Phandroid), they predict that in the next 5-10 years, motion sickness could be cured by simply sending electrical currents to your brain. The best part is that they also envision a future where it could be our smartphones that deliver that charge to our brains, meaning that we won’t need fancy equipment to rid ourselves of that horrible feeling. Read full post →Motion Sickness Could Soon Be Prevented By Using Your Smartphone

moto-360-sportRecently Motorola took the wraps off their new Moto 360. This Moto 360 smartwatch came in two different sizes with the prices starting from $299. This is a tad expensive for a smartwatch and if the rumors are to be believed, it seems that Motorola almost launched a budget version of the Moto 360.

However for whatever reason, Motorola decided to cancel those plans at the very last minute. According to the rumors, the budget version of the Moto 360 would have been more affordable than the current model. The rumors claim it would have been priced at $250, making it $50 cheaper, so we guess technically it isn’t really a budget model per se. Read full post →Motorola Almost Launched A Budget Moto 360 [Rumor]

xperia z5 compact premiumLast week at IFA 2015, Sony announced a trio of handsets in the Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, and the high-end Xperia Z5 Premium. Basically the Compact will be the more affordable of the bunch due to its smaller size and lower display resolution. However to a report from CNBeta (via TalkAndroid), there could be an Xperia Z5 Compact Premium in the works.

We find this a little odd since the trio of devices announced should more or less appeal to a wide spectrum of customers, ranging from those who want a more compact phone, a more affordable phone, or some who just want to splurge on a flagship handset. What Sony might be trying to achieve with the Xperia Z5 Compact Premium is questionable. Read full post →Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Premium Could Be A Japan-Only Exclusive

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ll probably encounter all kinds of vending machines all over the place. There will be machines that dispenses drinks, hot and cold, there will be machines that dispenses toys, there are some that can dispense food, and so on. However if you’re hankering for some freshly made fries, you’re in luck.

It seems that entrepreneurs at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands might have one-upped the Japanese in terms of vending machines. They have managed to create a vending machine that has the ability to dispense freshly made fries. This is a machine that can cook up a fresh batch for you in about two minutes all at the press of a button. Read full post →This Vending Machine Will Actually Be Able To Dispense Hot Fries

canon-eos-m-review--32In the past we have pointed out several times that megapixels don’t matter. At least for the most part, especially if you’re just planning on sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram. However megapixels are important if you’re planning on cropping photos or printing out large-sized photos for use on billboards.

Now it seems that Canon might have just made a very big statement as the company has officially announced a 250-megapixel sensor. Yes, you read that right, this is a camera sensor that is 250-megapixels. This is effectively at least 100-200 times more than what you would expect from a regular camera, or even a high-end one. Read full post →Canon Has Just Created A Massive 250 Megapixel Sensor

druid moonkinLast year Blizzard introduced changes to the models of the characters in World of Warcraft. Basically this involved creating higher-resolution textures, as well as changing the way the models animate. This resulted in smoother animation as well as a welcome update to the game’s overall look.

However not every model was given an update. For example the Druid class, which has different forms that they can shapeshift into, has not been given an update. However the good news is that Blizzard will be doing something about it (finally). This was confirmed by Blizzard’s Community Manager Lore on the forums. Read full post →Blizzard To Bring Updated Moonkin Form To World Of Warcraft

Remember we reported that Japanese whisky company Suntory wanted to send some of its whisky into space? The idea behind it was to see the effects of space and how it could potentially age whisky. Say they are successful and they want to pop open that bottle to celebrate their success, but given the lack of gravity, that could be an issue.

We’ve seen videos of how liquid will float in space and how drinking something as simple as water seems like quite a chore. However the folks at Ballantine’s have decided that astronauts are human beings too and they should be able to enjoy whisky normally like the rest of us. So much so that they have created the Space Glass. Read full post →The Space Glass Will Allow Astronauts To Enjoy Whisky Normally

bbm-stickers-shopStickers are a fun way to spice up your text messages. They’re like emojis but bigger, and in some instances animated as well. We’ve seen apps such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, KakaoTalk, introduce stickers, and it wasn’t too long ago that BBM introduced stickers as well. However it looks like BlackBerry wants to try and monetize it by creating some kind of subscription plan.

According to reports, it has been noticed that in the BBM Shop, there is a “Subscribe” option. However clicking it doesn’t do anything and it just tells users that they will need a higher version of BBM to use it. This seems to indicate that the feature will probably be arriving in the next update to the app. Read full post →BlackBerry Could Be Planning Subscription-based BBM Sticker Packs

Facial motion capture seems like it would be more suited towards gaming or video creation purposes. However according to a recent rumor, it seems that Apple could be interested in the technology. The reports claim that Apple might have recently acquired a company that specializes in facial motion capture technology called FaceShift.

Unsurprisingly neither FaceShift nor Apple have confirmed the acquisition. However even if they did, we’d probably expect a boilerplate response from the Cupertino company. That being said, some have speculated it to be true due to former employees of the company who have since updated their LinkedIn profiles. Read full post →Apple Rumored To Have Acquired FaceShift