Monster_hunter_4_blue_3dsHeads up Monster Hunter fans! If you don’t own a Nintendo 3DS or Monster Hunter 4 yet, or if you don’t mind purchasing a new 3DS handheld console, you might be interested to learn that Nintendo has announced a new blue Nintendo 3DS handheld console with a Monster Hunter 4 motif on it. The console will come bundled with a download edition of Monster Hunter 4 and a 4GB SD card and is expected to retail for 19,800 JPY. Unfortunately it looks like this bundle will be limited to just Japan for now, so for fans outside of Japan, well you guys will have to look towards grey market imports if you want to get your hands on it.

Monster Hunter 4 was released by Capcom back in mid-September and managed to move an impressive 1.7 million copies in just two days. Over in Japan it was reported that Capcom managed to sell 3 million copies of the game since its launch, proving that the game has still managed to retain its huge fanbase, a fanbase which we’re guessing will be eager to get their hands on this special edition Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console. The special edition Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo 3DS is pegged for a release come 7th of November, so for those who would love to own it, you’ll probably want to mark that date down on your calendar.

official-iphone-5c-1A couple of days ago, thanks to a rumor out of China, it was suggested that Apple was cutting down iPhone 5c orders from their suppliers and manufacturers due to low demand for the handset. It was a bit drastic and it turns out that the rumors could be true after all, as a new report from The Wall Street Journal has basically corroborated the story as well. According to the report, Foxconn has been asked to cut down their orders by a third, while Pegatron will see their orders reduced by 20%, at least that’s what the WSJ’s sources are claiming.

While this might seem like the demand for the iPhone is going down, that’s not the case as two Foxconn executives have claimed that in place, Apple has upped the orders of the iPhone 5s. This has led to speculation that perhaps Apple overestimated the demand for the iPhone 5c and had assumed that its slightly cheaper price tag would drive customers to the device, but we guess based on this report, perhaps customers are more willing to pay a little bit more to own a higher-end and more powerful handset after all. It is still a bit too early to tell if this means that the iPhone 5c is doomed for failure, but what do you guys think? Would you rather save a bit of money and get the iPhone 5c, or would you rather invest a little more for a “better” product?

Exynos-5-OctaEarlier this year, Samsung announced an octa-core Exynos chipset that basically made use of the big.LITTLE technology. It was an interesting concept and it sounded like it had a lot of potential, but it seems that Samsung’s own Exynos chipset could be what is making the South Korean tech giant lose market share in the AP market. According to analysts, by using Exynos, Samsung has managed to lose a fair amount of market share. They started with 9.4% in Q1 this year, but saw a huge dip to 5.3% in Q3, suggesting that the Exynos chipset could be what’s holding the company back.

While it does have a lot of potential and is definitely not a slouch when it comes to performance, Samsung has yet to figure out a way to get their Exynos chipset to play nicely with LTE-A networks along with the lack of 4K video capture capabilities, which is what their competition, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, is able to do. Granted not everyone needs 4K video capture, but presumably LTE-A support is a key feature that many would like to have and is the reason why some believe it is the lack of support for those features that is causing the loss of market share in the AP market. It has been rumored that 2014’s Galaxy S5 will feature a new Exynos 6 chipset that will hopefully address those issues.

Android-4.3-camera-app-Nexus-5-640x464If there’s one thing we have learnt about the upcoming Nexus 5, thanks to leaked photos, is that the lens on the back of the phone will be pretty large and obvious, but the thing is there is a small chance that Google might have been teasing us about the device for quite a while now, but it was only until the device started leaking in earnest did people start seeing the similarities. For those running Android 4.3 and have tried the recently updated camera app, you might have noticed at one of the buttons used to switch between the front and rear-cameras looks a bit like the Nexus 5, especially given the device’s alleged camera placement.

In fact this was suggested about a month back by a Reddit user, but many did not choose to believe him, instead suggesting that we were reading too much into things. However like we said, given the number of leaks we’ve seen to date, is this still a coincidence or has the Nexus 5’s design been right under our noses all along? Still no word on when Google plans on announcing the Nexus 5. The rumored 15th of October date has come and gone with no news, but hopefully Google will announce something in the coming weeks.

htc-one-max-3After being rumored and teased for so long, the HTC One Max has finally been revealed, with the device’s specs being in accordance to the rumors, along with the fingerprint sensor which was also one of the rumored features of the phone. Given that fingerprints can be used as a form of ID and sometimes even a digital signature, we’re sure there are some who are worried about third-party apps having access to it, or even the government, which is why the folks at PhoneArena decided to ask HTC about the feature. They asked if the data would be stored in a similar fashion as to how the iPhone 5s stores fingerprints, and this is what HTC had to say.

“The fingerprint data is stored in local memory. It is encrypted and stored in the system partition, which can’t be readily accessed or copied. The fingerprint data is not an actual image but fingerprint characteristics that have been identified by a proprietary algorithm. No, HTC does not have access to the information and the fingerprint cannot be used by a third party.” Hopefully HTC’s statement will be enough to appease those who are concerned about their privacy and security. So what do you guys think? Do you plan on using the One Max’s Fingerprint Scan feature extensively?

TF701TBack in September and during IFA 2013 in Berlin, ASUS unveiled a new Transformer tablet in the form of the Transformer Pad TF701T. The good news is that if the tablet managed to catch your eye and you were wondering when you might be able to get your hands on it, well it looks like a October 21st release is in the cards, although this date appears to be for the UK market, meaning that a US release should follow shortly after, if not around the same time as well. For our readers in the UK, you guys will be able to pick up the tablet for yourselves on the 21st of October via Amazon or eBuyer for 429.99 GBP.

For those who did not follow our news during IFA 2013, the Transformer Pad TF701T is ASUS’ latest Android tablet. The device will feature a 10.1” IPS display with a pretty stunning resolution of 2560×1600. It will be powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 quad-core chipset and will come with 2GB of DDR3L RAM. It will also come with 32GB of onboard storage and will support both full-sized and micro SD cards, all the while powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. So, any takers?

moto-x-review-07Back in September, T-Mobile’s Moto X received an update that basically improved the smartphone’s camera, making them the first carrier to receive said update. Other carriers were expected to receive it soon and the good news is that if you’re a Verizon subscriber, it looks like the update should be rolled out in the near future. This is according to emails some Verizon Moto X users have received informing them of an upcoming soak test for their device. The email did not state what sort of update Verizon Moto X users could look forward to, but if we had to guess, we would say that the camera update would be a safe bet.

No word on when exactly will the update be released once the soak test is complete, but presumably it will be released in the near future. For those unfamiliar, the camera update will improve the phone’s camera, such as its color accuracy, exposure, reduce noise, and etc. It is a pretty obvious update and one that we’re sure many Moto X users will gladly welcome. In any case we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information on when the update will be released, so check back with us in the near future for the details!

Archos-MyTablet-640x446For our friends and readers over in the UK, if you’re planning on picking up an affordable tablet, UK retailer Argos has officially launched a new tablet of their own called “MyTablet”. The device will retail for 100 GBP and will be available for purchase starting from the 16th of October, which is today. Given its modest price tag we guess one shouldn’t expect too much from the device, but if you’re just looking for something to surf the net with, check emails, or maybe read some ebooks, then we suppose the MyTablet should be more than capable of getting the job done.

In terms of specs, 100 GBP will net you a 7” IPS touchscreen display with a rather disappointing resolution of 1024×600. It will be powered by a 1.6GHz dual-core processor and will come with 8GB of internal storage which can be expanded via microSD card. It will also pack a 2MP rear-facing camera which we guess should be enough to snap a quick photo or two, just don’t expect DSLR-like quality. The tablet will also run on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and will come pre-loaded with apps such as Angry Birds, BBC iPlayer, Facebook, and some e-reader software.

android-4.4-kitkat-gplusLast we heard, the rumors were suggesting that Google’s latest Android update, Android 4.4. KitKat, would see a release on the 15th of October. Unfortunately it does not look like the rumors were right, but now some are suggesting that the 18th of October could be a likely candidate for a release date. This is thanks to a recent post on the official KitKat Google+ page where the message, “Everybody dance now” was left. Fortunately there are some out there who are particularly observant and have realized that the message could be in reference to the song by C+C Music Factory.

The song is 4 minutes and 4 seconds in length, the same numbers for the version of Android KitKat, and if one were to trace the song, we would see that it was released on the 18th of October 1990. This has led rise to the speculation that the update could arrive around that time as well. This feels like a bit of a stretch but at the same time we wouldn’t be completely surprised if it turned out to be true. Try not to get your hopes up just yet, but hopefully we will see if it pans out in the next couple of days.

sony-a7-rightAfter having been leaked a couple of days ago, the Sony A7 and A7R have now gone “official”. Both cameras use the E-mount and share lenses with the Sony NEX Series. The FE premium lenses for full-frame sensors would be more adequate, but there are so few of them… Those cameras are the full-frame monsters that die-hard fans were hoping for, and they respectively use impressive 36 and 24 Megapixel sensors. In fact, that’s so many pixels that Sony has decided to remote the low-pass filter (blurring) on the Alpha 7R. Read full post →Sony Alpha7R And Alpha 7 Become Official