Elgato Issues Recall For Smart Power 6,000mAh Battery Packs

We’ve all heard the stories of batteries exploding and setting fire to things around them, so it is safe to say that the companies who manufacture battery packs are pretty wary and are usually on the lookout for incidents that could put them in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Now if you have purchased Elgato’s Smart Power battery pack, it seems that the company is looking to recall them. […]

DigiTech’s TRIO Is Like A Band In A Pedal

Say you’re at home alone and you’re trying to write a song, so maybe you write the guitar part first, but you’re curious as to how it might sound like with a full band with the drums and bass accompanying it. There are a couple of ways around it, one of which is to create your own backing drums and bass tracks which can be time consuming, or you could […]

Saygus V2 Pre-Orders Delayed To 2nd February

A couple of days ago, we reported that the Saygus V2 would be available for pre-order today. Unfortunately it seems that for some reason, the company has decided to delay those pre-orders and has since pushed the pre-orders to begin on the 2nd of February, which is next Monday. However this means that customers will still have some time to pre-register their interest in the handset, but why pre-register when […]

Google Admits They Faced Challenges With The Nexus 6’s Inventory

When the Nexus 6 was released, given its impressive hardware specs, it was sold out pretty quickly. Back then Google promised that they would try and get it restocked every Wednesday via the Google Play Store, but like we said with its popularity, inventory of the handset depleted pretty quickly. However it seems that it wasn’t just the popularity of the handset that was to blame, but Google’s management of […]


OUYA Gets New Lease On Life With $10 Million Investment From Alibaba [Rumor]

The OUYA Android gaming console was launched back in 2012 on Kickstarter where it has since managed to become the 3rd most funded project on the website of all time. While the concept of the OUYA was good, unfortunately it seemed that the console failed to live up to the hype and numerous delays did not sit well with its backers and gamers. So far we haven’t really heard much […]

Google Chromecast A Hit In The US, Cast Button Pressed 1 Billion Times

Back in the middle of 2013, Google announced the Chromecast. The HDMI dongle back then was an interesting device which allowed users to attach it to their TVs via the HDMI port and mirror the content on their phones or tablets while allowing remote control via their mobile devices. It was also priced at a very affordable $35. Like we said it was an interesting device, but as it turns […]

Tesla Model S P85D To Get Software Update That Makes It Even Faster

When we think of electric cars, we don’t really think of them as speedsters. Such cars are best left to manufacturers who still focus on gas-powered vehicles, but yet Tesla has proved us all wrong with the Tesla Model S P85D which managed to clock an insane time of 0-60mph in a very impressive 3.2 seconds. If the reaction of its passengers are anything to go by, this is a […]

Spigen Hints At Galaxy S6’s Design In New Cases

What does the Samsung Galaxy S6 look like? Last we heard, the Samsung Galaxy S6 could feature a combination of both metal and glass and will feature a new design thanks to the new direction Samsung is heading in. While that remains to be seen, case manufacturer Spigen has recently unveiled (via Droid-Life) cases which they claim are for the upcoming Galaxy S6. Within those cases are renders of what […]

Microsoft To Invest In Cyanogen Inc. [Rumor]

Remember earlier this week when the folks at Cyanogen said that they wanted to take Android away from Google? It is an ambitious plan and it isn’t so much Cyanogen buying Android, but more like creating a version based on Android that’s so different that users would much rather use that version than Google’s. The question is, how are they going to do that? Perhaps with a little help from […]

Interview with Huawei CMO Shao Yang

Despite shipping 20M smartphones per quarter, Huawei remains a phone maker that few people in the United States are familiar with. We sat down with Huawei’s chief marketing officer (CMO, Consumer Business Group) Shao Yang in Shenzhen/China, for an interview. We have previously met Mr. Shao Yang at Mobile World Congress, and he once again answered a host of questions going from Huawei’s brand and product strategies to more direct […]

Xbox Games With Gold For February Confirmed

Bad weather across the country has been making headlines this past week. What is one to do when hunkered down inside because its just too darn cold to go outside? Gaming is a great way to pass the time, so says Microsoft, as it opens a blog post today detailing Xbox Games with Gold for February 2015. Like it does every month Microsoft is offering some free games to Xbox Live […]

New Battlefield Hardline Beta Release Confirmed For February

Electronic Arts finally confirmed the new Battlefield Hardline beta release date today. One had been rumored a few days back. EA has been teasing the open multiplayer beta for a couple of weeks now and today gamers have finally come to know when they will be able to take the next Battlefield title out for a spin.

Facebook Place Tips Will Surface Useful Information Based On Location

Facebook today announced a new pilot program that its running in New York City. The feature it’s testing out is called Place Tips. Users will notice it at the top of their News Feeds when they’re out on the town. Tapping on Place Tips will bring up a series of cards that will bring useful information. Users must have location services enabled to use this feature otherwise it’s of no […]

SwiftKey For Android Now Has Full Chinese Language Support

Makers of the SwiftKey custom keyboard for Android have been conducting a beta test with Chinese-speaking users for quite some time now. Today they announced that SwiftKey for Android now has full support for the Chinese language. There are seven new input methods that ensures users have a choice no matter how they like to type.

Comcast Renames Man To An Expletive For Trying To Cancel Subscription

Comcast’s customer service record isn’t stellar and while you might wonder why the company doesn’t do more to improve its reputation it certainly pulls out all the stops to get some bad press. Ricardo Brown has a Comcast cable subscription and when his wife had a disagreement when trying to cancel the subscription the family started receiving monthly statements in which Ricardo’s full name had been changed to an expletive, […]

Google Inbox Invites Available All Day Today

The Gmail app has a pretty decent design and its more than capable of handling email. A few months back Google launched another app called Inbox that changes the way email is managed on a mobile device. The app still requires invites before it can be used and today is the first full day of Google providing invites for Inbox. Anyone can get an invite today if they send in their […]

Crop-Me-In Feature Arrives On HTC Camera App

HTC has already taken steps to roll out various apps that would be pre-installed on their smartphones over on the Google Play Store, which means they can update these apps individually without having to wait for the mobile carrier to come up with an operating system update to do so – benefiting users of the handset in the progress since they will always have the latest version of said apps. […]

Detect Air Pollution Levels With This Helmet

Living with pollution – that seems to be what most of us are doing these days, especially for those of us who happen to reside in cities that are clogged up with cars and a blanket of haze that does not seem to lift – ever. Well, it seems that is the price to pay for “progress”. Here is a rather strange device that looks as though it would be […]

Beware, The Lego SHIELD Helicarrier Is Coming

I am quite sure that many of us who have watched the Avengers, as well as other Marvel films that have the Helicarrier in there, would have been more than impressed with the architectural design and grandeur of it all. Having said that, since Lego has always been the plaything that allows the imagination of a child (and adult, of course) to go wild, here is one more to add […]

Nokia N1 Doing Extremely Well In China

A few months back Nokia announced a new tablet called N1. It said that this tablet would only be sold in China. When the first batch was released it sold out within minutes. This batch consisted of 20,000 units. Since then Nokia has released two more batches, and even though it didn’t say how many units were in those batches, both of them were sold out quickly as well. The […]

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