Samsung-Gear-VR-08The joy of watching movies from the computer is that you get to do it from the comfort of your own home. It also removes the crowd, the sticky floors, and the overpriced popcorn, but unfortunately it also removes a bit of the social aspect of watching a movie where you get to laugh with everyone, or scream out in terror with everyone during a horror flick.

So with virtual reality, it almost feels like we’re retreating further from society, or is it? Over in Amsterdam, Samhoud Media has announced their plans to launch what they are calling the world’s first dedicated virtual reality cinema. Dubbed The Virtual Reality Cinema, this is pretty much what you think it is about.

It will feature seats that can spin in place, meaning that viewers will be able to see everything around them. Unfortunately these cinemas will be small and will only be able to house 50 people at a time, and each movie is expected to run for around 30 minutes. It is also pretty expensive at around $14 per ticket which is about the price of an actual movie, albeit much shorter.

Visitors will also be loaned a Samsung Gear VR headset along with a Galaxy S6 handset, and a pair of Sennheiser HD 201 headphones for their listening pleasure. If it does well, it is expected that the cinema will eventually make its way across Europe. This is an interesting idea, but the question is will there be enough interest in virtual reality to be able to sustain it?

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