LG Shipped 60 Million Smartphones In 2014, Sees An Increase In Revenue

Perhaps at the start of LG’s smartphone career, the company did not do as well as their South Korean rival Samsung, but over the years LG has made progress and with the LG G3 from last year, LG made quite an impression, so much so that according to LG’s latest financials, it seems that the company is doing pretty well for itself. According to the numbers released by LG, they […]

OnePlus Teaser Hints At New Backplate Option For The OnePlus One

Last year when the OnePlus One was launched, right off the bat it seemed that the company took some marketing cues from Motorola as they announced that the handset would come with swappable backs made from different materials. One of the more recently announced materials was bamboo, but could OnePlus be getting ready to introduce new materials that weren’t used before? According to a recent image posted by the company […]

Office For Android Exits Preview, Now Available For Everyone

As it stands, iPad users are enjoying Office for the iPad, but for Android users, previously Microsoft had limited the app to users of their preview program. The good news is that it looks like Microsoft has finally decided to launch the app for everyone, so if you were looking forward to getting your productivity on, you will be able to do so. The apps will be similar to the […]

Qantas To Provide First-Class Passengers With Samsung Gear VR Headsets

Inflight entertainment is hit or miss depending on what kind of flight you take and what kind of planes you get. For example flying on a newer plane would probably nab you slightly newer hardware, while taking an older plane might see you relying on entertainment units a decade old, but it looks like Samsung and Qantas wants to change that. Both companies have recently announced a new partnership in […]


Acompli Rebranded To Microsoft Outlook, Available For iOS And Android

Back in December 2014, Microsoft announced that they would be acquiring email management app Acompli. Now we’re sure many of you guys are wondering what Microsoft has planned for the app, whether or not they’ll kill off the app entirely, or maybe make something out of it. Thankfully for fans of Acompli, the app lives, although now Microsoft has since rebranded it to Outlook. For those who are looking for […]

Safeti Personal Safety Device

The world is a dangerous place these days – and one would definitely have to do their bit to ensure that one is aware of the surroundings, especially at night when it can be hard to tell whether there are threats lurking around every corner. Having a personal safety device might be useful, and the Safeti is one of them. Specially designed to trigger a customizable alert which will be […]

Windows Phone To Get FLAC Support, Too

It has been known for quite some time now that those who are going to rock to the Windows 10 operating system will be able to enjoy native access to the lossless audio format known as FLAC. Well, having said that, what about smartphones which run on the Windows Phone platform? Good news for audiophiles as well as those who would want close to perfect playback of their music – […]

Bing Venue Maps Lets You Navigate Through Stadiums

Getting around these days are a whole lot easier than ever before, especially when there is this thing known as GPS. Dedicated GPS navigation devices are just about extinct, as we rely on other apps like Google Maps to get around. Microsoft knows that this can be quite the lucrative sector, which is why their Bing Maps program ain’t too shabby at all, too. For those of you out there […]

Chess Computer Program Weighs In At Just 487 Bytes

Certainly this French coder would most probably still think that 640k is enough for everyone – especially when you see that his chess computer program is stored on jst 487 bytes of code. That is certainly an insanely small amount of memory no matter how you look at it, and even more so in this day and age where a game would take up a few gigabytes’ worth of data. […]

Huawei Mate7 Compact Images Leaked Out Again

It was not too long ago that we did bring you word about the Huawei Mate7 Compact, where there has been whispers going around that this particular handset is all set to receive an unveiling over at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, later this coming March 1st. In fact, invitations to the event have already been sent out, and the Huawei Mate7 Compact is widely tipped to be less […]

Pre-Order Your Next Batch Of Amiibo Figures Now!

It looks as though the upcoming batch of Nintendo’s amiibo figurines are in the pipeline, which means you might want to be one of the early birds out there to obtain the proverbial worm. The upcoming sextet of toys were specially designed for Mario Party 10, and those who are interested will already be able to place a pre-order from Amazon. After all, collectors who are serious will definitely go […]

Is It Possible To Beat Tetris? Apparently So!

When it comes to a game like Tetris, there does not seem to be any way to beat it – regardless of how fast your reflexes are coupled with impeccable hand-eye co-ordination for human standards, or so we think. Master Tetris player Kevin Birrell was the one who managed to achieve the seemingly impossible “MasterM” ranking in Tetris the Grand Master 3: Terror Instinct, where he even had to contend […]

WesterosCraft Is A Place Of Beauty

Crossovers are more often than not a double edged sword – it can cut both ways, for good and for bad, depending on how it is executed. We have seen crossovers in the comics world for many decades now, and sometimes, the entire shebang just works, while in others, it turned out to be a terrible decision where not even the best storyteller is able to salvage the situation. Having […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer In Neon

I am quite sure that a fair number of us have already watched the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer for more than a few times, making it one of the most highly anticipated films in due time. After all, how many of us have already healed from licking the wounds caused by the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace? It might have been in 1999, but wounds do take time […]

Facebook Sees Surge In Quarterly Profit

Social network giant Facebook has seen a surge in their quarterly profit – we are looking at a figure of 34% alongside a revenue increase of up to 48%, now how about that? Still, the executives over at Facebook have remained rather modest about their achievements, citing Wednesday’s earnings announcement that they are but getting warmed up – just. In three months that ended on December 31, 2014, Facebook recorded […]

Office Sway Gets Updated With Embeds

There is a new presentation tool from the folks over at Microsoft which is known as Office Sway, and this is actually a modern version of what we are used to calling as PowerPoint. The thing is, Office Sway is slightly different, as it has been designed for story telling instead. Available in the form of a web preview since October last year as well as in the form of […]

Reptile Makes An Appearance In Trailer

Are you looking forward to the release of Mortal Kombat X? I am quite sure that with the numerous trailers which we have seen in the past, there has been a fair number of discussions as to which is the cooler character to pick from. We do know from previous trailers that Goro is still around – that four armed monster who is immune to leg sweeps, and now here […]

Bill Gates Working On “Personal Agent” Project At Microsoft

Earlier today, Bill Gates took part in a Reddit AMA in which one of the things he talked about was his concern about artificial intelligence. That was just one aspect of it, but during the AMA, Gates also revealed that he is currently working on a mysterious project at Microsoft which has been given the codename “Personal Agent”. Gates was understandable a bit vague in his description of the Personal […]

Facebook Still Trying To Balance Out The Number Of Video Ads Displayed

While browsing Facebook, users get to see a mixture of links, photos, and videos. These videos can come from a variety of sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, or maybe even videos uploaded onto Facebook directly, and it seems that Facebook’s video feature is starting to bloom. In fact back in September last year, Facebook managed to achieve 1 billion video views in a day which has since grown to 3 […]

Alleged Olympus OM-D E-M5II Photos, Specs, Pricing Leaked

DSLRs might be the default choice for professional photographers, but for the average Joe who wants quality images but doesn’t want the bulk of a DSLR, then cameras like compacts or mirrorless cameras might be a good choice. However if nothing tickles your fancy at the moment, Olympus is working on the OM-D E-M5II which is expected to be launched soon. Now thanks to Digicame-info (via Photo Rumors), leaked images and […]

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