kanye-westWhen the name Kanye West comes up, you know for sure that it is never too far from the spotlight. It looks like he has made a statement over Twitter (which you can check out right after the jump) that seems to indicate that he will no longer roll out new material on CDs. Yup, he is more or less done with the time honored medium in which generations of music lovers have gotten their dose of audio goodness.

I suppose this means fans of Kanye West will simply have to download or stream his music from now on. In fact, you can say that he has already made up his mind earlier on, with the release of his latest album, “The Life of Pablo” being made available over Tidal (which in turn, is a company that Samsung is sniffing up). That album was released as an exclusive on Tidal, which was duly pirated for at least half a million times, a situation that led to Kanye considering legal action on the pirates.

Ironically, however, Kanye was allegedly spotted using Pirate Bay in one of the images he tweeted. Well, do you mind missing out on CDs from now on?

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