Earlier this year, we brought you word on the original Metal Gear Solid remake that will be done in the Unreal engine by fans, giving it the name the Shadow Moses Project, which certainly stirred up some fair bit of excitement along the way. Well, it looks like cold water has been poured over the growing enthusiasm, as the fan-made Shadow Moses title has been cancelled. Who is to blame for this particular mess? Gamers have pointed their fingers at Konami as being the offending party here.

This remake will focus on the original PlayStation title that was released nearly two decades back, with the announcement of the cancellation being made on the project’s Facebook page. Comments that followed saw plenty of brunt being directed at Konami, whom fans presumed had something to do with the cancellation.

Shadow Moses was the idea of indie game designer Airam Hernandez, and he managed to harness the power of social media to provide teasers of the project, delivering early screenshots and videos to boot, racking up over 20,000 Likes on Facebook as well as being given much love on Instagram as well.

You can read their full news announcement of the project cancellation here, and one can only wonder who is the hidden hand behind the “reasons beyond our control”. Could it really be Konami pressuring Hernandez to stop? No one knows for sure.

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