dropbox_500mThere are plenty of cloud storage services to choose from. If you use Apple products, you have native cloud storage services like iCloud, Google Drive for Android, and OneDrive for Microsoft’s Windows platforms. However sometimes native solutions might not necessarily be the best solution, which is why other services like Dropbox exists.

Turns out that despite not being a native service to any platform, Dropbox is doing pretty well for themselves as the company has officially announced that the service has managed to hit 500 million registered users. Of course how many of these users are using Dropbox’s services in earnest and are actually paying for storage is probably not 100%, but still 500 million is quite an achievement.

According to Dropbox, it seems that the bulk of new signups were due to referrals. 44% of new accounts were opened as a result of existing users who introduced other users to the service. The service has also been quite a favorite amongst filmmakers, 65% of whom have told Dropbox that their services were invaluable at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

The company is also boasting that despite their operations being in the US, they are seeing plenty of users and companies from all around the world using their platform. Unfortunately like we said, it is unclear as to how many of these users are actual paying users, but obviously Dropbox must be doing something right. In the meantime we have heard rumors that Dropbox plans on introducing new services like a chat workspace for its platform.

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