acaia-blackDrinking coffee can be considered to be an art form by many, although there are some of us out there who are more than happy to just drop in two dollops of cream and some sugar into their black coffee to kick start one’s day. Others would invest in thousands of dollars on a coffee machine, it all boils down to your personal preference, really. Here is a $150 Acaia Pearl Bluetooth coffee scale that intends to let you “master” the art of coffee brewing.

The Acaia Pearl lays claim to being the only scale that has been specially designed for coffee enthusiasts, where it will do the job of monitoring the weight, time as well as flow-rates while you brew your morning cuppa. It comes in a simple, modern and minimalistic form factor, as the scale has been designed with brilliant functionality in mind, where it will play nice with both the Acaia iPhone and Android app, so that you can have a greater degree of possibility in exploring the exquisite world of coffee.

It comes with a brighter display as well to deliver a greater degree of contrast, and has a speedy 20ms response time that delivers more or less instant readings. With the highest internal resolution of up to one million counts, it has provision for readability that is up to 10th of a gram. Heck, it is so sensitive, it can detect weight changes as a result from evaporation.

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