archive-apple-iiThe Internet Archive is the place to go if you would like to experience your fair share of nostalgia on a computer. In other words, classic gaming titles have been revived – be they MS-DOS games, Windows 3.1 software, or even old PC viruses that have been made harmless, not to mention their Wayback Machine that has been pretty useful in digging up old information. Now, it looks like the site will keep Apple users happy, by virtue of offering its Apple II collection.

A bunch of hackers who prefer to remain anonymous hackers have managed to break the rather elaborate copy-protection schemes on over 500 classic games and programs. In other words, these Apple II classics can now be enjoyed over your modern day web browser, although you can be sure that the legal eagles over at Apple should be sharpening their knives already at the moment.

Archivist Jason Scott claimed that some of the programs have been very difficult to preserve in their original form, saying, “Off the shelf, the programs would include copy protection routines that went so far as to modify the performance of the floppy drive, or force the Apple II’s operating system to rewrite itself to behave in strange ways.”

Well, what are you waiting for? It is time to roll back the years!

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