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Sony PlayStation 3
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The PS3might notreach the USA until the later part of 2006, and some already complain that the 720p (1280×720 pixels) resolution is too low..Gaming is a huge chunk of Sony’sprofits since their success with the original PlayStation, and PSM Magazine stated that most titles will run at720p for High Definition TVs (HDTV).


Support for 1080i and 1080p high-definition modes is possible even though the majority of HDTVs are not capable of such resolutions (today). Sony prefers to allow players who do not have HDTVs to drop the resolutiondown to 480p (progressive scan) or 480i (the Standard Definition TV or SDTV). The PS3 is slated for a 2006 spring release in Japan and the West will probably follow suit much later in the same year.

Publisher’s note: I think that Sony’s move makes sense. Honestly, most people won’t have HDTVs at launch time, but they will probably upgrade sometimes in the lifetime of the Playstation3. As for 1080i and 1080p, the graphics chip is more than capable of handling it, given that video cards can already reach 2500×1600 pixels, if connected to a proper screen (like Apple’s 30” Cinema display). Sony has something for everybody and that’s much smarter than trying to force people to upgrade to HDTV.

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