iPad Pro With OLED Display Expected In Late 2021
With Apple’s iPhones pretty much switching over to OLED displays, many have wondered when the iPad series will make that transition. It’s not entirely impossible, but the larger screens would represent technical challenges, not to mention it might also see an increase in costs, but if you love the idea of an OLED iPad, you’re in luck.

Xbox Series X, Series S Controller Support Coming To iPhone And iPad
While the majority of mobile games can be played perfectly fine using the onscreen controls, there are some games that might benefit from using an external game controller. However, this in turn raises some issues in which gamers will need to spend extra money on a separate accessory.

Chrome For iPad Now Support Multiple Windows
Browser tabs allow users to visit multiple websites at once. This has become a standard feature on desktops, but on tablets, it offers a slightly different experience. However, if you’re an iPad user who would like a more desktop like browsing experience using Chrome on your tablet, you’re in luck.

Apple To Decrease Its App Store Fees For Smaller Developers
We’re not sure if maybe the lawsuit against Epic is influencing some of Apple’s decisions, but there is some good news for developers who are looking to develop for Apple’s platforms. This is because Apple has announced the launch of a new initiative called the App Store Small Business Program.


$6.6 Million Worth Of Apple Products Just Got Stolen
While Apple products are expensive, they do hold their resale value especially if you take care of them really well, where even after a couple of years, devices like the iPhone can still sell for a bit of money secondhand. This is why they’re especially valuable for thieves who believe that they can fence stolen Apple goods.

macOS Big Sur Will Let Users Run iPhone And iPad Apps
Apple has announced that its next major update to its macOS operating system, Big Sur, is now available for the general public. For the most part, it is a rather typical update with various improvements and new features, but what makes this version of macOS so important is that it is the first macOS to support the new Apple M1 chipsets.

Apple Will Ship 20W Charger With The iPad Pros
Apple has stopped including the charger with the new iPhone. Instead, the company recommends that if users want to take advantage of fast charging and to allow MagSafe to charge at its max speed, they’ll need to pony up an extra $20 for the 20W USB-C charger on top of everything else.

Apple Reportedly Using iPad Parts For The iPhone 12 Pro To Combat Shortages
It would seem that Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro is off to a good start where Apple is apparently facing a higher-than-expected demand for the new handsets. So much so, in order to combat shortages and to meet the demand of customers, the company is apparently using iPad components in the iPhones.

iPad Pro With Mini LED Display Expected In Early 2021
The last time Apple refreshed its iPad Pro was earlier this year where they introduced a LiDAR scanner to the tablet which eventually made its way to this year’s iPhone 12s. This means that the next refresh will most likely take place in early 2021, and it seems that one of the upgrades we can expect comes in the form of a mini LED display.

Walmart Lists iPad Air’s Release Date For Next Week
When Apple announced the iPad Air, they did not mention when it would be released. A rumor earlier this week suggested that Apple might announce something at its iPhone 12 event, but that obviously did not pan out. However, it seems that we might now have a release date to look forward to.

iPad Air Release Date Could Be Revealed This Tuesday
Last month, Apple announced their latest iPad Air. Apart from confirming the specs and the price, the company stopped short of mentioning when it would be available, which is a bit odd since Apple typically makes their products available about a week or two after it has been announced.

Microsoft Updates Its Surface Pro X Tablet
If you are a fan of Microsoft’s Surface Pro X tablet, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has since announced that they are giving the tablet a bit of an upgrade. The upgrade will see Microsoft introduce an updated SQ2 processor along with a new platinum color finish that has been found on other Microsoft Surface devices.

Future Apple Pencil Could Come With A Built-In Screen
It might be easy to think of the Apple Pencil as a mere stylus, but it is more than that. It features support for things like pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and also low latency to give off the feeling like you’re drawing with a real pen/pencil. However, it seems that future versions of the Apple Pencil could actually come with a stylus.

Apple Is Really Proud Of The iPad Air’s Touch ID Integration In The Power Button
Touch ID on the iPhone and iPad have existed pretty much in the physical home button, but with the latest iPad Air removing the home button, Apple decided to integrate Touch ID into the power button located at the top corner of the tablet. It seemed like a logical placement, but one that Apple seems to be really proud of.