iOS 12.1 Beta Hints At Support For 4K External Display

If you’re planning on getting a new iPad, you might want to hold off because it’s starting to sound like the 2018 iPad refreshes could be a major one. Not only have we heard and seen potential signs that Face ID could be coming to the iPad, but now a tweet from developer Steve Troughton-Smith has suggested support for 4K external displays as well.

iOS 12.1 Beta Supports Face ID In Landscape Mode

We have been hearing rumors that the 2018 iPads are expected to feature the use of Face ID, a security feature that was introduced to 2017’s iPhone X. While it was a rumor, there have been signs that it might actually be true, thanks to code sightings spotted in iOS 12. Now it looks like there could be more evidence of that happening.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review Editor's Pick

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Tab S4, a productivity-oriented tablet which represents the highest performance and quality Android tablet the brand has to offer today. In this review, we’ll go over how it fits in the market, how it is to use it, and how it performs.

Some Of Apple’s iPhones & iPads Could Face Import Ban In Korea

It seems that Apple might have run into some trouble over in Korea, and one that could result in the company’s iPhones and iPads being hit with import bans into the country, meaning that the company would not be able to sell its iPhones and iPads in Korea until the matter has been resolved.


New iPad Pro Predicted To Switch From Lightning To USB-C

Apple has been pretty consistent with using proprietary connectors on its mobile devices. All of its smartphones and tablets come with the Lightning connector now even though USB-C is increasingly becoming the standard of choice for all other manufacturers. A new prediction spells out something that would be difficult to believe for many Apple fans, it claims that the upcoming iPad Pro will switch from Lightning to USB-C.

Samsung Galaxy A6 And Other Affordable Devices Just Launched

Samsung has just announced its Galaxy A6 smartphone, a relatively affordable phone that is part of the  Galaxy A series, which has been successful for some time now.

Amazon’s New Fire HD 8 Tablet Brings Improved Specs

Amazon makes a few good cheap tablets as well and the company today announced a new model of its Fire HD 8 tablet. Not much has been changed on the design front, there’s only so much you can do for a budget tablet’s design anyway, but the new model does come with improved specifications which will give customers more bang for their buck.

Logitech’s Crayon Stylus For The iPad Now Available For Everyone

One of the unique and key features of the iPad Pro would be the Apple Pencil stylus accessory that is sold alongside the tablet, in which many have praised the tablet and accessory as being an excellent tool for creative use, such as digital drawings and art. Unfortunately the Apple Pencil did not come cheap, which is why many were chuffed when Logitech announced the Crayon accessory earlier this year.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Windows Tablet Set To Arrive Soon

Samsung launched its Windows-based Galaxy Book 2-in-1 in February last year and it went up for sale in the United States a few months later. It has been over a year since this product was announced so it’s due for an update. There has been some circumstantial evidence to suggest that a new one is in the pipeline and it now appears that the successor will indeed be out soon. […]

iOS 11 Adoption Rate Has Hit 85%

The release of iOS 12 is just around the corner. Based on past releases, it is more than likely that Apple will be making the update available to the phone shortly after the launch of their new iPhones, which at the moment appears to be set for the 12th of September. That being said, how does its predecessor, iOS 11, fare at this point in time?

Alleged iPad Pro Render Reveals Brand New Design

According to the rumors, Apple is expected to refresh the iPad Pro lineup later this year. For the most part Apple’s iPads haven’t really undergone heavy redesign. They have been slimmed down, given new color options, increased in display size, but for the most part it is still easily identifiable as an iPad.

Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Has E-ink Secondary Display

When Lenovo introduced the original Yoga Book, it was, and remains, a uniquely innovative design that made possible having an ultra-thin form-factor for Android and Windows tablet. One of the first request people had was for a programmable virtual keyboard. Guess what, Lenovo delivered.

Square Updates Its Credit Card Reader With Lightning Support

Apple’s decision to kill off the 3.5mm headphone jack on its iPhones no doubt upset many users. However it not only affected consumers, but it also affected businesses who sold accessories that used the 3.5mm headphone jack, such as Square whose iPhone credit card reader used to connect via the headphone jack.

Google’s Duo Has Been Optimized For The iPad

There are plenty of video calling apps in the market today, but yet Google felt compelled to launch its own in the form of Duo. The app is available on iOS devices as well which presumably has been created to compete against Apple’s own FaceTime feature, and the good news for iOS users is that the app has been updated to be optimized for use on the iPad.