Motorola is coming up with this genius idea for safer driving developing this « polite » phone. They are currently testing it in Motorola’s Driving Simulator lab in Tempe.The software programmed into the phone can detect if the car is parked or‭ ‬cruising or in complex driving situations, and the phone reacts accordingly. You can take calls if you are parked or while cruising only the one from a pre-programmed phone book list, if the phone detects the car is frequently braking or moving, all the calls are routed to voice mail.I love this‭, ‬I am always afraid when I see so many people with their ear glued to their cell phones while driving 70‭ ‬mph on the highway‭.‬

Photo: Mike Gardner, Motorola Labs director of intelligent systems research, holds a “polite” phone while in a driving simulator.


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