Via C7-D processor launched

Via will be shipping a new Linux-friendly x86-compatible desktop processor which fulfills the requirements of the “Clean Computing Initiative” that aims to offset the chip’s environmental cost. The C7-D is a carbon-free desktop processor that comes in clock speeds of 1.5GHz and 1.8GHz. It is certified carbon-free because the regional conservation, reforestation, and energy programs which Via has undertaken will offset the amount of atmospheric carbon released during the generation of powere required to power the C7-D. This new processor will ship in a RoHS-compliant 21mm-square package. More features of the C7-D are available after the jump. • StepAhead Advanced Branch Prediction
• Sixteen pipeline stages
• Support for SSE2 and the advanced SSE3 multimedia 3D instruction sets
• Full-speed Floating Point Unit (FPU)
• Efficiency-enhanced 128KB full-speed exclusive L2 cache with 32-way associativity for memory optimization
• PadLock Suite provides on-die hardware acceleration of key cryptographic operations
• SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashing for secure message digests
• Hardware-based Montgomery Multiplier supporting key sizes up to 32K, to accelerate public key cryptography such as RSA
• Execute protection (NX), used in Microsoft Windows XP/SP2 to provide protection from malicious software such as worms and viruses

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