Nokia N810 Tablet

Nokia is finally added a Qwerty keyboard to its N810 Tablet, a move that was long overdue. It’s really annoying to type URLs or type emails on a virtual keyboard. Thanks Nokia! There’s also a GPS chip in there and Nokia promises a “trueweb 2.0 experience”, thanks to Flash 9 and AJAX support.

Other details include a webcam for video calls. It will be connected via WiFi for sure, but we don’t know if it’s WiFi G (54mbps) or N (100+mbps), although I suspect that it will be “G”. Now, if it could sync to Exchange, that’d be fantastic. Price: $479.

Update: We’ve received official information from Nokia. Specs in the full post.


  • GPS receiver
  • 4.13”, 800×480 resolution display
  • WiFi-G (Confirmed on 10/17)
  • BlueTooth
  • Linux-based OS
  • Flash 9 compatible
  • up to 10GB of storage (optional)
  • $479

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