Samsung Blackjack 2 Hands-On

Being long-time Blackjack users (read our Blackjack review), we had to play with the BlackJack 2. Let me tell you that it is a sexy phone. Samsung evolved its previous thin design by making it look classier, thanks to a new coating. I especially like the red version, which shows the new surface a lot better. The back of that version feels like a faux-leather, which is nice, I thought.

Among the other physical improvements, one can find a better QWERTY keyboard and a scroll wheel that replaces the jog on the right side of the original Blackjack. The phone feels fast and Windows Mobile 6 looks better in everyway compared to its predecessor. Inside, a GPS will come handy when used with Google Maps.

If you’re a Windows Mobile fanatic, you should check the iMate 9502, 8502 and i-mate’s plan to create a “Foleo-like” display/keyboard combo.

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